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do the braless and makeup-less trends exclude some women?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-04
\"Now, it\'s sexy to have no padding!
\"Victoria recently released a secret advertisement for their new brand.
\"I don\'t want to hide anymore,\" Grammy-
Winner Alicia case wrote in an article about why she gave up her makeup.
She took part in the MTV Music Video Awards \"free makeup\" on Sunday \".
\"The latest trend for some women is\" nature \", abandoning the traditional structured bra and cosmetic layers for a more relaxed, simpler look.
While the natural beauty campaign has been praised by many for ignoring social pressure to meet the \"traditional beauty standards\", not everyone is excited about the stress of natural beauty because it excludes some women
Not wearing a bra can be a \"pain\" and not making up is easier and more popular among certain groups of women, such as those who have already met the traditional beauty standards.
This means the size for the bra.
Victoria Secret Breakfast size XS-
XL, standard bra size 40B recommended XL40D.
Popular plus-Cacique
The size bra brand sold at Lane Bryant has reached a much larger 46 ddd in size. “I dig the (bralette)
Said writer Kaye Toal.
\"But, as many of the looks I dug, it\'s not for me.
Toal writes for buzzfeed, usually about plus-
Size issues, note that for women with large breasts, it can be painful to wear a bra or not wear a bra at all.
\"I can\'t imagine wearing them outside,\" Toal said of the dress . \" It generally does not provide underwear or other forms of padding or support other than the strap.
\"I\'m a 42-year-old. plus-size retailer)
Tropical bralettes is definitely the strongest. . .
But I still can\'t wear it outside comfortably.
I think many women are like this.
\"Lindy West, a fat man.
Accept that writers and activists say, \"the bra can also be a doll\'s dress for my body.
\"I need some scaffolding.
Stone wall. Which is fine!
\"Not every dress has to attract everyone, or work for everyone,\" West said . \".
However, she added that selling clothing for small figures, \"you are building a culture beauty standard that is deeply rejected,\" West said. \"Small is big. Big is great.
All bodies are good bodies and all bodies should be chosen and respected.
\"According to Gill Heer, vice president of design at Cacique, going to braless is part of the natural fashion cycle.
She cited photos of 1920, 1960 and 70 years old as an age when other natural breast shapes were popular.
Cacique introduced bras with a bottom line in spring 2017, which can still provide shape, but can provide more support.
\"Regardless of the size of your breast, you should be able to accept any trend you feel, and I do think there is no trend,\" Heer said . \".
\"I think it\'s important to have a choice.
\"Power of makeup\" I like to smile and be happy (makeup)
\"Bring it to people,\" said Shalom Black . \".
\"This is definitely a booster of confidence.
Black is a YouTube Uber, by uploading the \"power of makeup\" video (5. 5 million views
This is a video trend in which vlogger makes up only half of her face to show its \"power \".
\"I believe everyone can do whatever they choose to do with their face and body,\" said Blake, whose face left a burn scar due to an accident.
She knows people who don\'t have \"perfect skin, but live their day --to-
Days without makeup.
Then someone like me who has a problem with the skin, likes to do these two things when needed, or just because we like and appreciate the art of makeup.
\"The first power of the makeup video was uploaded by popular beauty blogger NikkeTutorials in response to criticism of women who love makeup.
\"I \'ve recently noticed that a lot of girls are ashamed to say they like makeup because now if you say you like makeup. . .
\"You do this because you don\'t love yourself,\" Nikke said in the video preface . \" The video was viewed more than 31 million times.
A rebound on parts that are not allowed
The makeup trend is that it takes time and beauty products to realize the appearance of \"no makeup\", even if these products are not traditional makeup like lipstick and eyeliner. .
In an interview with Shine, Keith\'s makeup artist Dotti Streeters explained how she achieved a \"natural\" look for the singer.
\"Even under her eyebrows, we try to stay natural,\" said Doty . \".
\"I will cut off my personal false eyelashes and use them on my eyebrows to make it real.
\"Alicia case and Beyonce are walking around with their bare faces.
Cheri Lindsay, a model for cosmetic brand Dermablend, said: \"I have quoted some famous quotes around it because what they say does not matter and they will never be completely natural . \".
Lindsay suffers from vitiligo, a condition that causes loss of pigment in the skin, and while she doesn\'t always cover up the spots, she almost always makes up.
\"Unfortunately today, the little girl saw all these celebrities and they would say, \'I want to look like her man,\'\" Lindsay added \'. \".
Bralettes or \"naked face\" is the latest in a range of fashion and beauty trends that have deterred some women. Plus-
It is difficult for women in size to find retailers selling fashionable clothing in size, while women in color often notice a lack of makeup options for their skin tone.
\"I think that in our culture people of color and obese women feel more stressed and look like some sort of woman, but I don\'t believe that bra and natural makeup/no makeup make things worse, \"Toal pointed out.
\"This is just the other side of the same old man (expletive).
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