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How to create my brand size standard?

How to create my brand size standard?


Ideally you will meet this question during the time when you are trying to create your own brand size chart for each style.

We will provided you with few ways to give you an idea how you can find it in a right way.

Before we get started, let us tell you something, during 13 years experience in this industry, we have client coming across to us and sending body size chart,asking to do a copy for that, with this action, you may have idea what they will get, correct, they will get a bigger size for their fitting. Which means they spent time , money and get nothing right? Here comes you with the first point, we have flat size chart and a body size chat, body size chart is what you see from one retail website what they like to do is guiding their client to find the right size for them. Flat size chart which means the cutting size, you will need to consider with the fabric stretch the shape .


Here we go into the topic today, with three way that we can work it out.


First, you can asking your supplier to provided you with the size chart that have made for the clients from your market, then create the sample in that size chart, do your fitting and fixed it, after several times try on, you will get a listing size chart by your own, this will sitting as a data in your supplier’s customer file. ( But this will takes you time)


Secondly, buy some famous brand’s style send it straight way to your supplier ask them to  follow the cutting . This may increase the cost for building a brand, but this will be the most safety way to create the right size standard and the fastest way for you. But it will be good if you can get a full size round for some core items of your brand, this will also help to create the true size for whole size group.


Thirdyou can buy some stuff and measure it by your self, but this will ask you to work it carefully to do it right. Then you can send this chart to you supplier, if you don’t know what will be the main point you need to measure for a garment, come and check in next article.


This may the way how we working with clients, and hope this article can provided you some idea for this question. If you have any questions for this, welcome to contact us.

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