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Guangzhou INGOR sportswear Co.,Ltd

Guangzhou INGOR Sportswear Co.,Ltd founded in 2009 is located in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, China. Ingor is a rapidly emerging sports apparel manufacturer and strive to design men, women, kids sportswear and a range of other gym products. Its own design capability, introduced each year hundreds of new clothing. 


Ingor advances its business via sales, design and technology departments, while continuing to pioneer industry standards of social and environmental responsibility in the workplace. Since Ingor founded,  it’s rapidly developing and deep cooperated with lots of international bands because of Ingor’s profession and 100% contribution.

In charge of designing from MockUp building, material choosing to sample finished. 

PROCESS: Market forecasting→ Client's demand gathering→ Designing and MockUp finished→ Clients' feedback collecting→ Sample adjusting

1. is independently able to finish the whole sample construct process.

2. strive for high efficiency and match your activewear conception no matter new collection development or product lines improvement only for satisfying your diversity needs.

3. lots of apparel design increasing monthly putting in our catalog in order to cut down your cost and save the time which you could choose the pattern directly.

Technical team is responsible for craft improving, pattern making, size chart customizing and sample producing.

1. keep going to seek material markets and develop fabrics, which have cooperated with over 100 craft factories, over sublimation, silicon printing, digital transfer, macrame weave and so on.


2. over 3000 samples have been made a year by our craftmen who study ergonomics lasting from all over the world to track different districts' demands.


② Factory

The advanced management were taken, named 6S management system. It introduces managing technique from Japan, which includes SEIRI, SEITON, SEISO, SEIKETSU, SHITSUKE, SECURITY. The reason why we use this way to manage our factory is that our team would elevate the quality awareness and improve service level in order to make best products for you.

Lean Manufacture 

1. A systematic method for production which focus on eliminating waste and quick respond for producing, so as to improve productivity and lower cost.
2. It is suitable for small batch production and pursues zero inventory, however, It satisfies those brands who want to place small order and update the design really quickly.

Mass Manufacture

1. A  traditional production method means that one production process will be in charge in by same employees.

2. Due to repeating same workmanship every day, the employees are extremely familiar to their jobs. It will not only to improve the work efficiency but also the product quality assurance.

3. It can meet the need of the brands of large order, large production and high standardization of the products.

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Our Advantages

1. Ingor is one of leading sportswear manufacturer in Guangzhou, China.

2. Ingor offer have its own design team and factory, so we offer whoelsale business and custom service.
3. We stive to develop and sell gym wear like sports bra, leggings, tank tops, shorts and so on.

4. Sample fee refundable and quality warranty

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