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INGOR Sportswear | Custom Sportswear Manufacturer In China

INGOR Sportswear | Custom Sportswear Manufacturer In China


There is nothing that unites the world as sports. And some tirelessly work behind the scenes to ensure that everything turns out okay in the field or court, like sports manufacturers.

The process of sportswear manufacturing can look daunting in the beginning because it entails so many details like fabrics, sizing, cuts, among others, but that hasn't stopped some companies from doing their best and supplying the market with the best quality sportswear.The sportswear industry is growing strongly in Europe and the world over, thanks to increased demand as more and more people embrace different sports. There has been increased demand for activewear, sports wear, sports jerseys, custom gym wear, sports apparel among others.

Social trends towards healthier and more active lifestyles have also contributed to the upward trajectory that is being witnessed in the sportswear industry.




Sportswear is more than the ordinary clothes that you see in the clothing circuit and that is why it’s important that only specialized activewear manufacturer get them manufactured. The type of fabric that is used and the styling that is needed can only be fulfilled by a premium sportswear manufacturer that understands the distinguished demands of modern sportswear products.

When it comes to the manufacturing process things might get tricky if the overall design has elements like custom embroidery as not all sportswear manufacturers are capable of performing such complex tasks. It’s also vital to be aware of the fact that fabrics like polyester which is commonly used by sportswear manufacturers have their limitations when it comes to the designing part.

 An activewear manufacturer would understand the requirement of a clothing business that needs to have the clothing products manufactured. They would closely partner with the clothing brand to ensure that everything from the design to the fit of the outfit is according to the requirements of a clothing brand. The manufacturing costs for a sportswear manufacturer might vary depending on the detailing and the number of sportswear options required by a brand or a sports organization.

 In recent times, the surging demands have led to the establishment of several wholesale sportswear suppliers, gym wear manufacturers, custom clothing manufacturers, sportswear vendors, and activewear vendors.

INGOR Sportswear manufacturers have established functional sourcing channels and supply chains, thus ensuring their operation remains flawless in their quest to supply the best quality products to the world.

 INGOR sportswear is one of the leading sportswear manufacturers in the USA with a variety of customization options available. INGOR is capable of manufacturing small and large-scale sportswear orders according to the needs of distinguished clients.

Guangzhou Ingor Sportswear- China- a rapidly emerging sports apparel designer and manufacturer, Ingor Sportswear was founded in 2009.  We manufacture sportswear for kids, men, women, and a range of gym products.  INGOR Sportswear in China, particularly stands out. China is a big country with a massive population, so finding the right custom sportswear supplier may require a bit of experience. This is where INGOR comes in.


Why Does INGOR Sportswear Stand Out Compared to the Rest?


INGOR Sportswear offers various services only a few textile industries can handle. These include-

 ·Screen Printing

· Rubber Printing

· Sublimation

· Heat-transferring


With dedicated four lines and 160 experienced workers, INGOR produces over 600 shirts daily. Additionally, three lines served by 120 workers create 800 pieces of tees in a single day.

 The turnaround time of delivery is one of the best worldwide. Served by main ports in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, it only takes 30 days to import goods to Europe, 20 days to deliver goods to East USA, 30 days to West USA, and only 16 days to Australia.

 INGOR Sportswear has employed six experienced designers who work full time. We also works in close collaboration with several 3rd institutes, colleges, universities, and design studios.

With a significant client base in Europe, more specifically France, Spain, Italy, the U.K., among others, the quality of products coming out of INGOR is not up for question. We also enjoys a good following in Australia, particularly Sydney, New South Wales, Melbourne, and Queensland.


The product range produced by INGOR include-

· Women's sports / gym/ yoga/ fitness wear

· Men's workout wear

· Kids Activewear

· Tennis wear

· Sportswear, among others.


INGOR Sportswear, the most innovative sportswear manufacturer and service providers. Our mission is to empower your brand.

Our advantage is flexible MOQ, in house design team, great experience working experience in Australia & Europe & America Market.If you have any style like to develop, there are three way to work it out, sharing style tech pack, sending samples, or sending photo for customized.


DM to us to power your brand!

Contact information:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ingorsport/

E-mail: jeccy@ingorsports.com

WhatsApp & wechat: +86-15815657313

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