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INGOR Sportswear Team Building Activities | Ultimate Frisbee Sports

INGOR Sportswear Team Building Activities | Ultimate Frisbee Sports


What do you wear to Ultimate Frisbee

As of now, there are about 7 million people of any age and gender playing Ultimate in around 80 countries. Even though that sounds like a lot, people outside of the community of players typically have never heard of the sport. There is no need for heavy loads of clothing but there is a necessity to learn the art of throwing the disc, which most people do not know before starting out on the sport. Here’s a list of frisbee clothes needed for ultimate:



It's suggested not to wear cotton shirts but to wear breathable and light shirts.



They should be flexible, lightweight, breathable but tight enough so that it does not get caught on your legs while you run.



Comfortable and athletic but not too tight so that you have steady circulation in your legs. Good to protect from scratches.


Sand Socks

When playing on the beach, you don’t need more than a disc and basic beach essentials, like sand socks. Sand socks protect one’s feet from extreme sand temperatures and from little rocks and items that could scrape one’s foot.


Compression Wear

Skin tight, but flexible articles of clothing meant to increase circulation and protect against scrapes.Compression shorts are good to go underneath regular shorts as to add another layer of protection. Knee compression sleeves support your knees under the pressures of running and prevent scrapes from landing on your knees. Ankle and foot compression sleeves help to keep your ankle from twisting when running.



These are not required pieces of equipment but they are good for players who are comfortable with their catches and throws. They are used as an extra grip especially in wet and cold weather.


Which activewear manufacture we could choose?

INGOR sportswear is an exceptional clothing manufacturer that can set up your business from scratch and make it the best-selling. They have partnered with some featured brands like Vogue, Adidas, Iconic, and Bazaar, and these brands are their long-term clients. They have produced about 1 million pieces for their 500+ regular clients.

If you want to showcase your collection, you can avail of their end-to-end free support plus free quotes. Moreover, they are providing after-sale services too to gain customers’ trust. There is good news for wholesalers too; they can avail themselves of a delivery range of one week for all gym apparel.


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