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The Popular Fabric Choices In Ingorsports

The Popular Fabric Choices In Ingorsports


Green Earth

How to choose the recycled fabric work in sportswear?


Mainly include: sports bra,shorts, leggings,hoodies & sweaters, jacket, yoga set, Tee & Tank tops,tennis wear, kids wear, etc.


Main Including: sportswear


Material Recycling

The method of recycling is to dissolve the plastic bottle and reuse it in the production of polyester wonderful thread.The recovered items are shredded and reprocessed into fine particles and washed, and then dissolved.


dry and breathable

Application: Yoga/Dance/Fashion Outerwear

Composition:87%Polyeamide+ 13%Spandex 270/300g

1, A revolutionary nylon product with a native fluffy suede feel, no post-processing, and a natural feel.

2,The fabric has an excellent fit, with subtle sculpting but no restraint.

3,Special ventilation system, dry and moisture storage, which makes the fabric very comfortable in contact with the skin.

4,The soft underside adds a petal-like touch to the surface.

5,The ideal and comfortable fabric for elegant women's yoga wear, casual outerwear.


Antibacterial Deodorant Lightweight Firming

Application: Yoga High Intensity Training Dance Professional Movement

Composition: 73%Cationic Polvester +27% Spandex  220/250/270g


1, Green new environmentally friendly fiber, high-tech polyester filament and high proportion of spandex combined.

2, European standard six-fiber four-level staining, white fastness, enhanced washing, sea water, sun exposure, perspiration

3, Moisture-wicking system that guides sweat and moisture away from the surface of the skin, keeping it dry and breathable

4, Anti-mildew, antibacterial, deodorant, anti-pilling

5, Block UV rays, sunscreen UPF50+

6, The ergonomics are ultra-light, high-density, soft and comfortable, and have strong elastic wrapping on all sides.

7, It can reduce lactic acid secretion and help damaged muscles recover quickly.

Application: yoga/fashion outerwear/dance/casual outerwear

Composition: Polyeamide micro+Polyester+Spandex 260g

Fly Pinna is a new concept double-sided structural fabric, which is made of German textile technology combined with ultra-fine a cutting-edge fabric of fiber, the perfect fusion of all the advantages of nylon and polyester, is bound to become the preferred fabric for the most fashionable and comfortable sportswear, the perfect companion.

1, Smooth surface, can achieve excellent transfer effect, ultra-fine polyester fiber can better restore the vividness of printing colors

2, The ultra-fine nylon fiber on the bottom can achieve a gentle skin-friendly effect, and the comfort is higher than that of previous polyester fabrics.

3, The unique breathable weaving method and fiber structure can effectively absorb moisture on the skin, and the surface can quickly diffuse and evaporate the water through the body temperature.

4, The use of a high needle count gives the fabric excellent pilling and chafing resistance.

5, The selection of primary color nylon fiber can meet the double-sided and two-color requirements (customization).

6, Delicate appearance, smooth and anti-wrinkle


Application: yoga/ dance / fashion outerwear

Composition 70%Nylon+30%Spandex


It is produced by imported high-density weft knitting double-sided machine, and the yarn is made of ultra-fine nylon and high-strength Hyosung spandex: the fabric is soft and delicate, high-strength elasticity, super wrapping, and super-high resilience. of high-end fabrics.


1, Revolutionary nylon product with a natural fluffy suede feel, no post-processing treatment, and a natural feel

2, Excellent fabric fit, subtle shaping but no restraint

3, Special ventilation system, dry and moisture storage, which makes the fabric very comfortable in contact with the skin.

4, Soft underside plus petal-like tactile surface

5, Ideal and comfortable fabric for elegant women's yoga wear, casual outerwear.

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