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The knowledge about yoga set

The knowledge about yoga set


Many girls who want to learn yoga do not know where to buy yoga sets. First of all, if you choose cheap, you can solve it by yourself. Generally speaking, the loose pants we used to wear can be used as yoga pants with a little stretch, knitted, cotton or linen. Once again, I choose some fashion brands that are more casual. We know that the best yoga sets and pants are best with drawstrings. The length can be adjusted freely according to needs. Such pants are in many brands of clothing. Can be found. As for the top, there are generally no special requirements, as long as it suits you.

Practice yoga as much as possible to wear loose and comfortable clothes, it is not necessary to wear yoga sets, but for beginners, yoga clothes have the following benefits:

     1. Avoid moisture absorption and perspiration: wear yoga sets to practice yoga, which can prevent cold, also allow sweat to be fully absorbed, and avoid red rash. With continuous practice, the body is strong and the natural resistance to diseases is also enhanced.

     2. Care for the skin is not damaged: Yoga clothing can protect the skin and avoid direct contact between the skin and the ground, so it can play a role in avoiding skin damage. When choosing yoga sets, it is recommended to choose as many fabrics as possible, which are helpful to protect the body, so as not to accidentally fall and scratch the skin when doing some difficult tasks.

     3. Help stretching helps exercise: the effect may be different when wearing yoga clothes and ordinary clothes. One of the reasons is that yoga clothes are soft and comfortable and elastic, while ordinary clothes may be close to the body and stiff, which will cause certain stretching exercises. 

What is the difference between yoga sets and gym clothes?

Now health has become an important pursuit in people's lives, and sports have become an important activity in life. Fitness is too intense for Orientals. Yoga, which is derived from Oriental health, has become the choice of many people.

However, affected by the yoga photos of the stars on the Internet, everyone thinks that yoga clothes and fitness clothes are similar. In fact, pure yoga master clothes and fitness clothes can be much worse!

Yoga master clothing uses long sleeves, trousers, and high-quality materials, and does not expose too much skin. On the one hand, because during yoga poses, clothing can protect people, too naked yoga clothing, There are certain hidden dangers to the safety of the practitioner.

Furthermore, when performing yoga exercises, the sweat glands of the human body sweat. If the yoga clothes are too close to the body, the skin of the human body will absorb the toxic substances in the discharged sweat.

Therefore, the real yoga master clothes we see are all long-sleeved, trousers, loose, high-quality fabrics. The best material is silkworm silk.

Just look at the three characteristics to choose a yoga suit

"Grain and grass first", "Sharpening the knife does not cut the woodworker", if you put it in yoga, this "grain" and "knife" must be the yoga clothes we must choose for getting started! Some novice practitioners often wear loose sportswear for yoga classes, and feel that sportswear can also be used to practice yoga. At first glance, it seems that there is nothing wrong with it, but the effect of practicing is the same as wearing yoga clothes? I think everyone has an answer to this question.

If you must talk about the importance of yoga clothes, first of all, to those who think it is not important to wear clothes to practice yoga, to quickly correct the wrong view of yoga clothes. We choose to practice yoga, practice is only a process, not the ultimate goal, our purpose is to obtain the improvement and shape of the body through yoga practice, and ultimately help us get inner peace. Wearing professional yoga clothing can guarantee the results of our yoga practice to the greatest extent, the importance is self-evident.

The yoga clothes on the market are also becoming more and more diverse and beautiful. They often make novices pick their eyes and make them look good. They look really good, but when they are really worn and practiced, various malpractices appear. But don't worry, you just have to look at the characteristics of these three high-quality yoga clothes and make sure you can choose the one you like.

1. The fabric is comfortable

The first quality feature of yoga wear: comfort! Comfortable! Comfortable! Others are put aside first, there is no sense of restraint, and very soft and comfortable yoga clothes are the best. In order to ensure that we can be at least distracted during yoga practice, and focus on the asana and breathing, we can get the best exercise effect. Hatha yoga clothes are very good in terms of comfort. The yoga students who have passed through have become loyal fans. The insensitive exercise is simple to say, but it must be guaranteed that it is a real fabric to achieve the corresponding effect. The nylon material used in this Hatha yoga suit does just that. The ultra-fine double-sided fabric has a comfortable feel, fits the body, and a very good sports experience.

2. Reasonable design

The second quality feature of yoga clothing: reasonable design to avoid embarrassment. Yoga clothes are close-fitting clothes, especially the private parts of the body must have a reasonable design to avoid some sudden embarrassing situations during practice. If there are really embarrassing events such as "exciting convexity", many students may be so "Shadow" to yoga. Yoga clothes must have their own chest pads, and women's "triangular" parts must also be treated specially, and must be flat and smooth. Hatha yoga clothes have a seamless triangle design, which makes the practitioner very at ease, and the chest pad of Hatha yoga clothes can still be removed for easy cleaning.

3. Superb craftsmanship

Yoga clothing is a close-fitting clothing, with healthy fabrics, dyeing and environmental protection as the primary concerns. Some yoga clothes of unqualified quality are designed to look good, but it is itchy, allergic to wear on the body, and even fades and stains on the body after sweating, which is very unhealthy. Hata yoga clothing uses a plant-based environmentally friendly dyeing process, washed in water without fading or deformation, and is comfortable to wear close to the body. In addition, the clothes inevitably have seams. The high-quality yoga clothes must have good craftsmanship, so that the practitioners will not feel the traces of the interface even if they wear them closely. Everyone can see Hatha’s yoga clothes, all of which are four needles and six threads. The most important thing is that the interface is treated with no traces, the needle is very smooth, and the craft is quite superb.

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