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Sport These Sustainably Made Activewear for Your Next Workout

Sport These Sustainably Made Activewear for Your Next Workout


Just like white T-shirts and sweatshirts, there are plenty of possibilities and options when it comes to shopping for fitness gear, from questionably cheap to overpriced luxury. There are some sustainable activewear out there, though, from brands that are ethical, responsible, or both, creating well-made and affordable options in comfort, performance, and function.

Take INGORSPORTS, for example, its sustainable activewear set includes a range of essentials and limited-edition colors in a variety of compression and stretch fabrics. Its best-selling leggings are made from 25 water bottles. According to the brand, it takes 500 years for a single plastic water bottle to break down, and every candy-colored leggings, bra or bike shorts diverts those bottles from landfill.


Recycled materials are not the only sustainable alternatives in the field: organic cotton and other plant-based materials such as Tencel made from eucalyptus. Use this renewable, plant-based material for its stylish thin-strap sports bras and sports tops, send your request at

I believe that after reading these concepts, you have a deeper understanding of environmental protection fabrics.

INGORSPORTS have focused on sportswear production for more than 13 years, and we have shifted the focus of purchasing fabrics from common fabrics to environmental protection fabrics. To make sportswear more environmentally friendly and sustainable, we offer a variety of eco-friendly fabrics for making it. If you are looking for a sportswear manufacturer, please contact us for more details. We also provide a customization service, so you can let us design your sportswear according to your idea.

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