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Custom Activewear Manufacturer

Custom Activewear Manufacturer


Custom Activewear Manufacturer




If you’re looking for premium women’s activewear manufacturers, then you don’t have to look any further. We are a globally renowned manufacturer and suppier company in the athleisure and sports-luxe range. With over 15 years experience behind us and the industry’s most celebrated heavyweights leading the way forward, and power your brand with us is your best choice.


The sports-luxe market has grown exponentially in the past years, it’s been inundated with a range of low-cost, low-quality products that are hard to tell apart. The good news is that at Ingor Sportswear Co, we are here to break the status quo and give our clients something unique and brand-specific.


If you’re getting tired of the same designs, colours and kinds of women’s activewear, then all you have to do is get in touch with us and we’ll show you what we are capable of. We are committed to going above and beyond to ensure that we don’t just meet the expectations of our clients but that we exceed them along the way.





Work With the Best Women's / Men's / Kid's Activewear Manufacturer in China.



Our catalogue of sportswear is brimming with unique sports bras, yoga leggings, sports jackets, running joggers, t-shirts, tank tops, swimwear, shorts, hoodies & sweatshirts, jumpsuits, custom yoga clothes also other gym clothing/ workout wear/ fitness apparel.


Every one of our activewear garments are manufactured with the best in-market fabrics that are designed with performance and not just aesthetics in mind. Our designers use the latest sports technology to ensure that our products are functional as well as fitting and we have a range of products for different niche sports - whether that’s swimming, running or Crossfit, etc.


All of these factors make us one of the most popular women’s activewear manufacturers not just in China but also on a global scale. So, if you are looking to take your brand’s sport apparel to the next level, then simply pop over to our Women’s Activewear Catalogue and you’ll see why we’ve become such a firm favourite in the industry.





Low MOQ & Global Delivery Makes Us the Preferred Activewear Manufacturer For Businesses Worldwide




At Ingor Sportswear Co, we are as passionate about supplying amazing products to big brands as we are about helping smaller brands get onto their feet. That’s why our MOQ (minimum order quantity) is under the other activewear suppliers you’ll find around the globe.



We are the preferred womens activewear manufacturer, supplying huge brands such as Adidas, however, this doesn’t mean that our prices are out of reach for the lesser known brands. Our pricing is incredibly competitive for the high-quality products and superior manufacturing that goes into each piece and we are always striving to keep our costs as low as we can for our clients.


Our products are huge in the Australia / USA / Europe/ New Zealand / market, but we also ship globally, and this means that no matter where you are in the world, you can take advantage of our amazing women’s activewear products.




Looking to Launch an Activewear Line?


If you’re looking for the steps in launching your activewear line, then our guide is for you. So how to start your own activewear line and make it happen? Here are the five steps to successfully begin your activewear business. 



1. Starting up

Find the idea and your unique identity


2. Market Research

Understand your competitors

Define your target customer

Set up the business planBudgeting

Look for your dream team

Branding your line


3. Start to Design Your Collection

Define the range

Designing activewear


4. Choose Reputable Manufacturer

Sampling stage

Production and shipping


5. Marketing your brand

Selling your collection

Customer Service


Have you created your designs and samples for your activewear brand and are ready for production? Let INGOR SPORTSWEAR help get your designs made with our experienced team, working only with the most reliable activewear manufacturers.


INGOR SPORTS has been helping entrepreneurs launch their activewear brands and has a team of experienced professionals that understand the apparel manufacturing process and can help streamline yours.


Whether you are looking for a bulk order activewear or ready to produce thousands or more, we have the best options available made in China. If you have samples ready and are ready to get started with production, contact us today!


Email: jeccy@ingorsports.com

Official Website: ingorsports.com

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