Ingor Sportswear - Gym/ Fitness/ Yoga/ Workout Wear/ Activewear/ Sportswear Manufacturer In China

What does your unit price include?
Our price includes on both Full Customization products: 1. The garment 2. Custom label with logo, size, material composition, washing instruction etc. 3. Zip Lock bag per piece with sizing sticker If you have any other requests, like a custom swing tag, custom printed bag or promotional card, please let us now and we will give you a price
What budget is needed to start a project?
This varies per project, and some cost more than others. Please see an estimate below: Full Customization: Minimum of $5,000.00usd Wholesale: Minimum of $3,000.00usd
What kind of products do you manufacture?
We manufacturer many products as we invest in the modern technology needed to do so. Our Core Production Line caters for: Activewear Swimwear Sportswear (Equestrian, Golfwear, Tennis etc.) Streetwear Casual Wear If the product you are seeking to have made is not on this list, still let us know as we can source the product for you.
Are you an ethical and sustainable factory?
Yes, we are! We pride our company on our ethical and sustainable practices, and take our social and environmental responsibilities seriously. We have certificates and audits which prove our company practices this.
Where are you based?
We have 2 Head Offices, globally. Our Management team is located in Sydney, Australia Our Sales & Manufacturing team is located in Guangzhou, China
What is the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) on your product?
Our Minimum Order Quantity is very low on average, in comparison to other apparel manufacturers. The MOQ does vary, depending on the design elements and the material chosen. Our Full Customization products MOQ is on average: 200 pieces Our Wholesale products vary.
What is the quality of your product like?
Our company only creates apparel of high quality. We are not a 'fast-fashion' company and do not work with any materials that have not been tested. All of our pieces are made for practical use, and are designed and created to last. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products.
How many companies have you worked with?
We have proudly worked with over 2,000 brands and counting. We can not specify the brands as we take client confidentiality very seriously, but there is a very high chance one of the pieces we made is sitting in your wardrobe.
Delivery Times
Full Customisation: Tech Pack: Approx. 10 days per design* Sample: Approx. 5 weeks* Bulk Order: Approx 45* days (including shipping)* Wholesale: Approx 1 week from order finalisation.
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