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What Does To Wear For Tennis

What Does To Wear For Tennis


Tennis has evolved throughout the years, and alongside those changes have come a few tweaks in tennis attire. Today, many casual tennis courts have taken a lax approach to tennis dress codes. However, some professional and private tennis clubs do expect women and men to wear specified tennis outfits. Many even have a formal dress code listed on their website or posted on location. The goal is for the tennis players to appear professional and wear garments that prevent injury while ensuring the manicured courts look great.


If you're not sure what to wear to play tennis, you're in the right spot. We're breaking down the ins and outs of tennis attire so you can confidently swing the racquet whether you're at a local court alongside friends or playing tennis at private country clubs.


When playing tennis, it's essential to wear clothing that allows for comfort, flexibility, and breathability to perform well on the court. Here are some guidelines for what to wear for tennis: 

1. Tennis Shirt: Opt for a lightweight, moisture-wicking, and breathable shirt. Tennis shirts are typically made of materials like polyester or performance fabrics that help keep you dry by wicking away sweat.

2. Tennis Shorts/Skirt: For men, tennis shorts that are comfortable and allow ease of movement are ideal. Women can wear tennis skirts or tennis-specific shorts designed for the sport. Again, prioritize moisture-wicking and stretchy materials.


3. Socks: Choose moisture-wicking socks with cushioning for comfort and to prevent blisters.


4. Headwear (optional): If you prefer, a hat or a visor can help keep the sun out of your eyes and protect your face from sunburn.


5. Sweatband/Wristband (optional): Wearing a sweatband on your wrist can help absorb sweat and keep it from dripping down onto your hands.


6. Tennis-specific Outfits: Many brands offer tennis-specific clothing that incorporates the latest technologies for comfort and performance. While not necessary, they are designed with the sport's demands in mind.


7. Dress for the Weather: Consider the weather conditions when choosing your attire. In hot weather, lighter colors and breathable fabrics are preferred, while in colder weather, you may need layers to stay warm.


Lastly, don't forget to apply sunscreen before going out on the court, regardless of whether it's sunny or cloudy. Protecting your skin from harmful UV rays is essential during outdoor tennis play.



What Are the Most Popular Tennis Apparel Manufacturer?

IngorSports: Revolutionizing Tennis Apparel with Style and Performance


IngorSports is a leading tennis apparel manufacturer that has carved its name in the sports industry through a perfect blend of style, innovation, and performance. IngorSports has gained global recognition for producing high-quality tennis apparel that caters to the needs of both professional athletes and recreational players alike.


Innovation and Technology:

What sets IngorSports apart from its competitors is its relentless pursuit of innovation and the integration of advanced technologies in its designs. The brand invests significantly in research and development to incorporate the latest fabric technologies that enhance breathability, moisture-wicking capabilities, and overall comfort. IngorSports also collaborates with professional players, seeking their input and feedback to refine and perfect their products.


Performance-Oriented Design:

Understanding the dynamic nature of tennis, IngorSports tailors its clothing to withstand the rigorous demands of the sport. From precision-cut patterns to ergonomic stitching, every detail is carefully designed to ensure maximum freedom of movement, preventing any restriction to the player's motion. Players can rely on IngorSports apparel to perform optimally in intense matches and challenging conditions.


Sustainability Commitment:

IngorSports is committed to producing tennis apparel that not only enhances performance but also contributes to a sustainable future. The brand actively pursues eco-friendly practices throughout its production processes, utilizing recycled materials and minimizing waste. By taking these environmentally responsible steps, IngorSports aims to reduce its carbon footprint and inspire positive change within the sports apparel industry.


Global Presence:

Over the years, IngorSports has expanded its reach across continents and gained a strong global presence. The brand's apparel is now available in major sports retailers, specialty stores, and online platforms, allowing players worldwide to experience the excellence of IngorSports products.


Future Outlook:

Looking ahead, IngorSports envisions a future filled with continued growth and success. The brand aims to explore new avenues in sports apparel, potentially expanding into other sports while remaining true to its core values of performance, style, and sustainability. IngorSports is dedicated to making a lasting impact in the world of tennis and beyond, empowering athletes to achieve their best on and off the court.


In conclusion, IngorSports has emerged as a leading force in the tennis apparel industry, setting new standards for performance and style. Through its relentless pursuit of innovation, commitment to sustainability, and genuine engagement with the tennis community, IngorSports has solidified its position as a trusted and admired brand among athletes and tennis enthusiasts globally.



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Ingor Sportswear is a mature sports wear wholesale supplier and custom gym wear manufacturer, focus on offering eco-friendly & recycled & sustainable fabric activewear.



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