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Fashion Apparel & Fabric Show Came To End

Fashion Apparel & Fabric Show Came To End


Fashion Apparel & Fabric Show came to end

A five-days exhibition was came to end today.INGOR was very honored to be invited to take part in the fashion sportswear show.And INGOR got a lot in this show.

During the show,some of clients were attracted by ingor’s poster; some were be appealed by the latest design activewear;some were interested in INGOR’s service...So, many people came to ingor;s booth and discussed the design, the crafts, the developing of the brand, the technology and so on.... INGOR was so happy to solve the trouble the clients met.

There is some pictures ,taken in the hongkong’s fashion show.


INGOR will share more interested things happened in the show.Just follow us...

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