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What is the process and what are the costs involved?


The process for both services is slightly different, but quite similar. Please see below -

Stage 1: Tech Pack Creation - This includes all of the details needed to create the physical product. Fee of $180usd per design - We require a minimum order of 3 Tech Packs

Included in the Tech Pack is:
1. Artwork / Mockup - This will be sent to you
2. Fabric Sourcing and Recommendation - This will be sent to you
3. Measurements, Sizing and Grading - For office use
4. 1 x Revision

Stage 2: Sample Development - This is when we create the actual sample for you, with all final details. Fee of $100usd per design but reimbursed when bulk order is made*

Stage 3: Bulk Order - This is the final step and when your products are made in bulk

The Tech Pack can be developed based off inspiration images / reference samples.

Already have a Tech Pack?
Great! Once you send the Tech Pack to us, we will fill in any blanks and convert it to our own.
The fee for Tech Pack Conversion is $100usd. Please note 'DIY' Tech Packs are not accepted. The Tech Pack will only be accepted if made by a professional and up to industry standard.

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