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2020 Ingor The Mid Autumn Festival Gifts

2020 Ingor The Mid Autumn Festival Gifts



  2020 is special year for all of us, because the coronavirus spread all over the world, Everybody is at the state of panic and all countries stay alert all the time before it under control.

  We cann't meet our friends and relatives in the spring festival, all of us have to stay at home to keep safe and wearing mask before go out. The whole country have econmic shocks till the April,2020 In China. People ara back to work step by step, for now everything have restore order most of region in china. We can't imagine how hard is it to fright with coronavirus with 1.4 billion people.

  This year The Mid Autumn Festival and National Day (1st October) is the same day, How Wonderful!To celebrate two festivals, all people have 8 days off work and enjoy the happy life.

  Now The Mid Autumn Festival and National Day is drawing near, ingor prepare a traditional delicious gift-moon cake for all employees. Don't forget to do some exercise to keep good figure!

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