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Ingorsports Recycled Fabric Sports Leggings

In recent years, there has been a growing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly clothing in the fashion industry. This has led to the rise of eco-conscious brands and manufacturers that use recycled materials in their products. One such brand is Ingorsports, a manufacturer of sports leggings that has recently introduced a line of leggings made from recycled fabric.


The new line of leggings from Ingorsports is made from a fabric that is made from recycled materials, including recycled plastic bottles and old clothing. The fabric is soft and stretchy, making it comfortable for sports activities like yoga, running, and cycling. In addition, the leggings are designed to be moisture-wicking, which means they can help keep the wearer dry during intense workouts.


The use of recycled fabric in Ingorsports' leggings has several benefits. First, it helps reduce waste and pollution by reusing materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. Second, it helps conserve resources by reducing the need for new raw materials to be extracted and processed. Third, it helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the manufacturing process, as the use of recycled materials requires less energy than the production of new materials.


Moreover, the design and quality of the leggings are not compromised by the use of recycled fabric. The leggings are still durable, long-lasting, and stylish. They are available in a range of colors and designs, so consumers can choose a pair that fits their personal style.


Ingorsports' new line of leggings is an excellent example of how companies can make eco-friendly products without sacrificing quality or style. As more consumers become aware of the environmental impact of the fashion industry, it is likely that we will see more brands and manufacturers following in Ingorsports' footsteps and using recycled materials in their products. This is a positive trend for the environment, and one that we should all support by choosing eco-friendly clothing options whenever possible.

Column introduction

How we can create recycled fabric sports leggings under clients satisfaction ?

Ladies may get a recycled fabric sports leggings for daily using or gym/yoga/running, but how can you create one perfect recycled fabric sports leggings for them, here are the points.

-Material, make sure that material is non see through during work out time, four way stretch, soft hand feeling ( we can finalized the material according to the training you may take)

-Design, cutting, artwork print makes the recycled fabric sports leggings look more attractive

-Size, which can fits the majority perfectly.


Working with Ingorsport, we can achieve your creative design ideas


In stock function fabric to choose or customized

-Nylon+Spandex/ Recycled Nylon+Spandex

-Polyester+Spandex/Recycled polyester+Spandex




Fabric artwork: Sublimation, Digital print, glitter print,tie dye, texture, rib, etc

Logo artwork: Silk print, heat transfer, embroidery, foil, laser cut, etc 

Custom process

 Choose style you like 

Confirm price, fabric

Making sample

Check the sample

Making mass production 

QC & delivering the goods 

Receive the goods and check 

Give the feedback

Custom detailed introduction

1. Choose style you like 

You can choose the products you like in our website, give products picture or already design drawing to INGOR.  Ingor’s designers will make the design as your request. And welcome to go to INGOR, talk the details directly.

2. Confirm the fabric, price etc..

Let’s talk the detail about fabric, price, packing etc…after choose the style. INGOR will give you a professional advice.

3. Making sample

Once confirmed the details and paid the sample cost, INGOR will arrange making sample for you as soon as possible to check the quality.

4. Confirm the sample

INGOR will send the sample to you first and you need to check if any changes are needs. If everything is ok, let talk the mass production.

5. Mass Production

Sample is prefect, the price is acceptable, every detail is Ok .You just need to pay the advance payment, INGOR will arrange the mass production.

6. QC & deliver the goods

INGOR’s QC check the quality of final program, and then INGOR will send the product after receive the final payment

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