6 best women\'s tri suits

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-28
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When you take the triathlon, it\'s a race that includes swimming, cycling, and running, and you don\'t want to waste time changing clothes between each stage, so, athletes solve the problem by wearing a three-piece set.
A three-piece set is one.
Basically a mix of swimsuit and bike shorts.
It can be worn under your diving suit when you swim, so after the water stage, all you have to do is take off your diving suit and put on your tri suit, the rest of the bike and running legs
If you play the first triathlon this summer and have gone all out for a lot of other expensive gear, you might want to know if you need to wear a set of three sets.
This is true in some competitions, especially in the distance of beginners, such as Super
Sprint, you will see some wearing t-
Shirts and some bike shorts.
But a suit is a more sensible choice as a wet T-shirt
In cycling and running competitions, the shirt will feel uncomfortable.
When buying a three-piece set, consider whether you want long sleeves or sleeveless.
People used to prefer racing sleeveless, but as they were more air-powered and had better coverage of UV, the three-piece set with sleeves became more and more popular. Non-
Elite athletes may find that the choice of long sleeves also offers a more flattering look.
All tested suits have a front zipper for easy upper and lower.
Two of the three suits tested
Although most women compete in sports bras and receive additional support, chest support is established.
All of our suits have energy gel and/or stick hidden pockets on the back during the race.
All suits come in XS to XL sizes, although fitting is of course a very unique thing, and suits of different brands are also different.
These three-piece sets were tested in the water, by bike and while running in Brighton.
We love the Aquaflo Plus in Zone 3, the UK kit brand established by James Locke, the former triathlete.
Cycling and running feel comfortable and light, especially on our backs, the fastest drying of all test suits. It had built-
Although most women may want additional support for a sports bra in the chest area.
The sleeves are designed to make your air power stronger, but we also find it makes the suit more flattering and gives it a stylish look.
Mint Green can also help friends and family find you in crowded fields.
You do notice the bike seat cushion when you\'re running, but it\'s not as troublesome as other brands.
Buy the Speedo Fastskin xenon now is a quality tri kit at a reasonable price in the market.
It was the hardest to wear, but the result felt the most comfortable and air-powered set in the Test, when running and cycling compared to other sleeveless sets, our arms feel the most comfortable and free.
The bike shorts padding on the bike is great, but it\'s a bit annoying to run in.
In these two suits
This is the most supported sports bra, but most women may still want to double it with a sports bra.
The size of the pocket is good and allows you to pack a lot of energy bars and gels in a longer race.
Buying 2XU women\'s show now is a very good three-piece dress.
Its legs are slightly longer than other suits, beautifully designed and flattering in shape, especially around the neck.
While some people may prefer shorter suits, we like long legs because it provides more sun protection.
Compared to some of the other suits, the padding with a short cycle during running feels less noticeable and the shorts are not riding.
However, the gear pocket is small and can be painful when you need to get in and out quickly while riding a bike or running.
We are a big fan of the Tiger whale core competition suit.
The design is cool but low key-it feels more like a smooth road bike pack than a set of 3-piece-fabric Super
Light weight, comfortable to wear, most notably at the back, where the mesh fabric keeps the hottest part of your back cool.
The bike pad can run in and the shorts stay good when we don\'t get up and running.
This is one of the shorter sets in the test, not as fast as the others.
Buying Aptonia SD right away is a valuable option, especially when you are in the triathlon for the first time.
This is one of the faster drying suits in the test, and while the fabric is not as smooth or fancy as some of the more expensive suits, it is comfortable enough to run in cycles.
Although it does look like it will only appear after washing it several times.
The gel pocket is moderate in size and the riding shorts remain the same during the run without rising.
It\'s a short term.
The long sleeve version of Bluesevent-
TX 2000 tri set.
It feels good, light weight, comfortable, good airflow on the back and good flexibility on the arm.
We love the longer sleeves as they provide extra UV protection.
In addition, the zipper runs well and low, so it is easy to get on and off, which is a big advantage for the toilet station of the long-distance triathlon race.
We like to wear these three suits.
Zone3 women\'s Aquaflo Plus has an advantage in the competition with its powerful technical features and stylish look, although Orca women\'s core short sleeves, 2XU women\'s performance front zipper and blue TX 2000 is solid top
The same is true for performance options, especially for Speedo Fastskin xenon women, considering the lower price.
Aptonia SD Triathlon Women\'s sleeveless from Decathlon is a good value entry-level option.
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