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Ladies underwear processing Guangzhou underwear factory deserves your praise

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-23
For women's underwear processing, there is such an underwear factory in Guangzhou. For 17 years, it has only focused on one thing, that is, seamless knitted women's underwear customized processing services, specializing in mid-to-high-end fashion trend women's underwear. It has never changed its original intention. On the road, it is the Guangzhou underwear factory-ingorsports, which is worthy of your praise.

Worry about the customer's urgency, consider the customer's worry! For the welfare of employees, for 17 years, I have really insisted on doing one thing well, that is, the production and processing of women's underwear, specializing in seamless knitted women's underwear, and making the processing and customization of mid-to-high-end women's underwear, which I am good at, to the extreme and making industry reputation. The women's underwear produced and processed is regarded as 'no product inspection' by customers. The independent brand 'Fan Xueer' has been rated as a famous brand in Jinhua City for many years, and the factory has also been rated as a Class A enterprise for many years! It is Guangzhou underwear factory - ingorsports!

Many customers choose to cooperate with Guangzhou underwear factory ingorsports to process women's underwear. First, they will be amazed when they see ingorsports' women's underwear products, and they will give thumbs up when they come to the factory to see the production and processing situation. After the formal cooperation, the tracking number will be sent for the first time or two before the goods are inspected, but there are basically no defective products, and there is basically no inspection later. Many customers are impressed by the rigorous work style of Guangzhou underwear factory ingorsports and its own Convinced by the quality requirements of underwear, they believe in ingorsports underwear factory.

In the past few years, many factories in China have called it difficult to do business. Real estate is quick to make money and profits are high. Therefore, many bosses and decision-makers of underwear factories in Guangzhou have turned to the real estate market and put their old business in underwear. The processing industry has become a sideline, as the real estate market tightens. Underwear manufacturers want to return to the physical underwear processing industry, but they seem powerless, because many manufacturers have invested a lot of money in the real estate market, and the enterprises have no cash to invest, which also leads to tight production investment funds for enterprises. products are difficult.

Guangzhou underwear factory ingorsports, as a traditional production and processing industry, insists on looking at the physical women's underwear processing industry, devotes itself to making good products, making high-quality products, making products that satisfy customers, and investing the money earned into the introduction of advanced production In terms of equipment, recruiting talents, and developing new products, we have truly made our underwear factory a leader in the industry. It is precisely because the underwear factory ingorsports Mr. Wang takes a long-term view, sticks to the right path, and does not lose himself. Today, the busy scene of the underwear factory is the envy of many colleagues.

Considering the concerns of customers, in the face of the same industry in the market, the homogeneity is becoming more and more serious today. Ingorsports insists on its own way, insists on increasing product research and development efforts, and launches 8-10 new models every day, so this solves the problem of customers finding samples to a certain extent, and it is not easy to develop samples, and it avoids homogenization to the greatest extent. compete. Although many customers will come to imitate our women's underwear products once our products are introduced into the market, in order to gain market share, they will inevitably adopt the principle of reducing prices, and at the same time reducing prices, they must ensure the profits of underwear factories, so naturally they will Choose to use some inferior raw materials for processing, and ingorsports insists on using good raw materials, insisting on making products well, so that customers can sell well.

One thing, it is easy to persist for a while, but it is not easy to persist for 17 years. Women's underwear processing, Guangzhou underwear factory ingorsports has insisted on the customized processing and service of seamless knitted women's underwear for 17 years, which is worthy of your praise!

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