julie stevanja owns the term ‘boss lady’ with her $50m online activewear business

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The Vogue code is linked to Julie Stevani stevania\'s breakfast, she is only 38 years old and she has used Stylerunner, her online sportswear business
Source: When you have major sports brands like Adidas, Nike and Beyoncé\'s Ivy Park brands that want to be part of your business, you know you\'re doing something good.
Julie Stefan, 38, wants one. stop-
Buying premium sportswear that didn\'t exist, so in 2012 she quit her job as a corporate bank and did one herself.
With no retail experience, Julie took a huge risk and put all her savings into realizing the dream she wanted to achieve.
It did.
Her thoughts turned into electronics.
This will power the world\'s first online sportswear destination.
There were only three employees at the beginning, and her twin sister Sali MS Stevanja
The owner was a graphic designer at the time, in a rented Sydney small office, which was enough for her to put the sofa at home and on the kitchen table.
Today, it has become an empire worth $50 million with 30 employees and ships traveling to 100 countries.
In the first three years of starting a business, Taylor Renner\'s growth rate was 1736.
Julie Stevanja, who is only 38 years old, has conquered the fitspo world with her online sportswear business Stylerunner.
Source: supply \"we start doing 20 hours of work and we take turns taking a nap in the lounge
We are working on a business opportunity from brand image, pitching suppliers, buying, photography contests, customer service before we feel at ease, \"MS Stevanja told the news. com. au.
She plunged in without any retail experience, but said it was a blessing in disguise, \"because we were not close to buying like everyone else at the time, and we quickly turned the stock over.
Stylerunner stocked 11 small emerging brands at the beginning, and now more than 70 brands including Vie ActiveE.
Country, FILA and its own three labels.
Big brands don\'t take a long time to notice the fast-growing Australian business, which dominates Instagram and makes a splash in fashion --
Sports clothing market.
\"When we launched to fill this space, big companies like Nike and Adidas noticed this and worked with us to sell more directional women\'s wear collections that they didn\'t fit in the existing mid-market
The market sports retailer, \"said Stevanja MS.
Adidas is the first jump-
Provide sisters with Stella McCartney of Adidas series.
\"I remember we kicked each other under the table at the lunch party,\" Stevanja MS . \".
\"They started to tell us why Stella was perfect for us --
This is our first brand in space and Peak brand.
This is a huge moment for us.
\"This success continues when more brands agree to join the online event clothing center, and social media plays a huge role --
Attracted celebrities and influencers including Gigi Hardy and Kelsey Wells.
\"One of the main reasons why we grew so fast in the first few years was social media.
This is crucial, \"MS Stevanja said.
\"Using social media gives you quick access to consumers, sites like eBay, Etsy, podcasts, and apps all offer an environment in which to be an entrepreneur
Ms. Stevanja said the use of trends also played a huge role.
\"When Kim Kardashian started wearing bike shorts this year, we were one of the first retailers to chase this opportunity and stocked up a lot of goods through our own brand (
New guard flight mode).
Sold out in a few minutes, with 200 people on call.
Kim Kardashian is wearing cycling shorts.
Source: InstagramStylerunner has joined Erin Holland\'s trend in modeling their limited edition Stylerunner x Bike short film.
Source: InstagramWhat was once considered a great dream for Australia to own your business and has now become the norm, and Stevanja MS is not surprised.
According to marketing experts and small business advocate Vistaprint Australia, one out of every four Millennials already has its own business, and 41 plan to start their own business in the future.
\"Life-long careers in a safe, well-paid, corporate environment are no longer the ultimate goal for millennials to have a sense of purpose,\" said Stevanja MS . \".
Stevanja\'s MS advises entrepreneurs to be responsible for every outcome of their business, saying \"no one will do it for you \".
Source: \"As technology has grown so rapidly, many of the traditional barriers to starting a business are being removed.
However, Stevanja MS warned that the old business rules still apply.
\"There is a good idea to fill gaps or solve problems, a clear business plan, adequate funding, the right business structure and marketing strategy to manage risks are as important as ever to ensure success.
Ms. Stevanja\'s work brought her around the world.
Recently, she attended a conference in the United States to buy the Armour and Nike sports brands.
Source: InstagramMs Stevanja, an Australian entrepreneur and personal trainer, Kayla Itsines, has a huge 10 people.
2 million Instagram fans.
Source: Instagram \"Before you invest in a product, make sure people outside are willing to spend money on your product.
\"She works with marketing experts and small business advocate Vistaprint to impart some of her knowledge, hoping that it could spur millennials who want to start their own businesses, like she does, and never look back.
\"It still feels very surreal and I may not stop to appreciate it . . . . . . It was just an idea a few years ago.
\"The study also shows that some of the businesses that own Australians start their own businesses because they are tired of working for others.
New South Wales and Victoria are the most popular startsup states. -
For more information about Julie Stevanja, visit the Stylerunner website.
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