Factory Direct One Piece Bras_Push-Up Bras_Women's Underwear Wholesale

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-05-21
Factory Direct One Piece Bras_Push-Up Bras_Women's Underwear Wholesale

Bra is an indispensable partner for women from the day of birth. It can effectively protect women's breasts, avoid embarrassment, and help girls shape and show femininity. At present, there are endless styles of bras and underwear on the market, and their functions are also varied, so how can you choose the one that suits you?

First of all, for girls with flat chests or in puberty, if you choose women's underwear at this time, you should choose a bra with curved padding under the cup, especially a push-up bra with steel ring, such underwear can make Concentrate and gather your chest, appear three-dimensional and plump, and make you more feminine. Therefore, it is a good choice to choose a push-up bra or a thicker push-up bra for small breasts.

Then for those female consumers who may begin to experience sagging breasts due to their older age or unsatisfactory body shape recovery after childbirth, if the body shape is thin, it is best to choose cups with pads and underwires 3/4 wrap around bra to make your breasts look slightly fuller. If your body is plump, it is not suitable to wear such a bra. Instead, you should choose a push-up bra with an underwire and full cups to change the sagging phenomenon, because if a bra that is too small cannot accommodate the plump breasts, it will compress the chest muscles. Scattered on both sides, after a long time, there will be side milk in serious cases.

For women with too wide chest distance, they should wear a bra with steel ring. The function of the steel ring can not only close the chest but also make the chest muscles concentrate and move inward. thrust, thereby shortening the distance between the chest and improving the appearance of the chest. For women with plump physique and protruding abdomen, these are generally after middle-aged and fat. You should choose a one-piece corset or body-shaping underwear to adjust and correct the body shape as a whole, rather than relying on a gathered underwear. to enhance the shaping effect.

In summary, different types of breasts and different body shapes need to match different types of underwear, and the requirements for wearing underwear are also different. We learn some more skills in clothing matching, which can make us more beautiful and increase our self-confidence. Gathering bra underwear factory wholesale From raw material procurement, to production and processing, and then packaging and transportation, Guangzhou ingorsports can provide you with a one-stop solution. Create an S-curve figure, shape a sexy goddess, and gather a bra is your lifelong beauty companion.

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