here’s what women have worn to hit the gym over the last 100 years

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-21
No, our sportswear has changed a lot in the past 100.
We were wearing a pair of shorts a long time ago. shoulder tops.
Before that, leotards.
Before that, we went crazy to the gym with a pair of high heels on.
MODE worked with Youtube fitness guru Cassey Ho to show us our workout --
In the past century, clothing has looked like it.
When we say the video makes us like this, please believe us and thank you very much for not trying to get a hot board in our 50 s.
In 1910, we covered up everything and went to buy long dresses and long dresses.
When we were having cardio, we were wearing long-sleeved shirts and a little skipping rope.
Very Paris and cool, but how did we manage to wear a little hat on our head when we tried circus skills.
The fitness trend of 1920 is juggling.
Let it sink in
The original purpose of the costume: to go to the gym.
We are all shocked and impressed by the fact that women in their 40 s are wearing makeup and high heels.
In our 1950 s we were still wearing high heels and didn\'t notice the magical comfort of the humble coach.
Finally, a little more practical.
However, the shorts don\'t look comfortable.
Dawn of Leotard.
Nothing is the same.
Yes, we still kind of like the post-80 workout vibeAh, is that wrong?
What do all the cool women in our step class VHS wear.
Sports bra and bodice. Simple. Classic.
What we\'re going to talk about today is a fashionable sportswear. y twist.
However, still need comfort for our post
Do Pilates.
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