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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-12-08
Researchers from the University of Portsmouth and other schools in the UK recently put reflective marks on the breasts of a group of female runners, allowing these women to support along their breasts while wearing various bras or giving up.
The researchers used an infrared camera to map the trajectory of the female breast.
The track is also equipped with a power platform to measure the foot strike force of each runner.
For a long time, many women want to know whether the movement of the breast, especially the movement of the breast, will affect the form of running.
This is the first experiment to officially test the problem.
In fact, breast swings have a significant effect on women running, researchers found.
When runners have no courage, their pace has changed;
They landed more heavily and more impact across the inside of their feet.
The change in this big step seems to be related to breast movements that have significantly increased in this direction, said Jenny White, PhD candidate at Portsmouth University, who is the lead author of the study.
The researchers assume that the same is true for women\'s weight as their breasts swing from one side to the other.
The impact of this finding is disturbing.
The higher force applied by the foot while running indicates that the pressure intensity of the runner is higher
It is possible to increase physiological demand, White said.
Over time, the extra power will also lead to the development of stress.
Related damage
Jitter can make running more difficult and harmful than needed.
Over the years, scientists
Most women)
Studying breast movements in sports has been striving for respect.
A 2007 report on the ongoing work in the field of breast bioengineering at the University of Portsmouth is entitled \"rather defensive bouncing breasts: a credible field of scientific research \".
Some people (a k a men)
May think that the breast is a simple thing, do not need so hightech attention.
But a lot of convincing new research suggests that breasts are more flexible and less manageable than most people once thought.
For example, researchers at the Portsmouth laboratory have recently completed a series of experiments describing how breasts move during their activity.
It turns out that the breast is not simply jumping up and down, but through a complex graphic --
The pattern of a woman running or walking.
Very few sports bras are designed to hold the chestto-
Side or side.
In fact, one of the most convincing recent studies published last month in the journal Sports and Exercise Medicine and Science, wollonggang University, Australia, concluded that the most effective sports bra style, especially for wearing D-
At least in the store, the cup bra or the larger one does not exist yet.
The typical sports bra is divided into two types: one is to put each breast in a separate cup, one is called a package style, and the other is to hit the chest in a compressed way.
In most studies, the number of packaged bras is reducedand-
It\'s best to bounce the chest down, especially for the big chest
But it\'s important to be rated as the most uncomfortable bra.
Breast discomfort and embarrassment prevent many women from exercising.
In a new study in Australia, an experimental bra combines compression of the chest and is usually rated as the most comfortable type of breast support during exercise, with each breast being elevated, use the small foam pad hidden in the bra to achieve.
This design is not a simple mix and match.
Some bra manufacturers have already offered a style to encapsulate and compress the bra (
Many enterprising female athletes have been piecing together on their own for many years, pressing one bra into another).
According to a researcher, in this case, the breast is still not raised, but is slightly supported by the mat to dynamically raise the low point of breast displacement.
In a previous study, the researchers noted that,
Chest women run in deep water wearing only one dresstop-
They feel a little uncomfortable with their breasts.
The water floated their chest.
In the experimental sports bra of Australian researchers, foam pads have the same use. Large-
Breast women wearing experimental bras and a range of other bras while running report that experimental bras are very comfortable.
It also effectively reduces the movement of the breast, not only vertical, but also from one side to the other.
Unfortunately, there is no bubble like this. padded crop-top-
At present, there is no style compression bra on the market.
So, unless you create your own with tight crop tops and some cushions, scientists can currently give the best advice to women who want to protect their breasts during exercise, which is more common than hightech.
Find a sports bra and feel very supportive of her. White said.
The suggestion may sound obvious, she added, but many bras are on the market as sports bras, but rather a stylish crop top with very resilient material that doesn\'t provide a lot of support.
To test the support, jump up and down in the locker room and evaluate how much movement has happened.
The chest strap should be stronger than a daily bra, but should not go deep into your skin.
All in all, this may not be your bra if it is uncomfortable.
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I am a big breast woman who has been running since 1979.
I have finished nine marathons.
I don\'t wear a bra because I find it uncomfortable and limited.
I was not seriously injured (
Few small ones)
In my 31 years of running and racing(
I will never let \"embarrassment\" stop me from running. )
This is really a serious problem!
Over the years, I couldn\'t run comfortably until I finally found the Enell sports bra.
These things are engineering feats, and they have always had hook-and-eye closures in front of them.
They are not very beautiful, but it is an incredible liberation for a person with a larger chest to be able to run so comfortably.
\"Over the years, scientists (
Most women)
Studying breast movements in sports has been striving for respect.
\"We are all fighting for respect, but few people are respected.
I think it can be seen from this point that swimming should be a clear choice because it is a horizontal body positioning and tolerance for joint pressure, practice of choice-especially for Wells --endowed.
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