your bra shopping guide: 11 styles for everyday to strapless and bralette

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-15
Not all bras are equal.
Finding the perfect bra is the holy grail of underwear.
But looking for some key elements can keep you frustrated
Lori bergamato, the style director of the good Butler, said the free, surprisingly comfortable.
The Good Housekeeping Institute tested 37 bra styles from A to K and organized 91 testers to evaluate the bras on the market.
Bergamotto solved some of the top bra problems and common fit problems that women encountered and shared her bra selection.
Keep reading her advice and buy the look.
Remember these tips when you enter the locker room! -
Your bra size can change over the years.
Look in the mirror when wearing a bra once or twice a year to make sure it still suits you. -
You should fill out the Cup without any gaps (
The size of the cup is too large)or overflow (
Cup size is too small). -
If appropriate, the band should not be too low or too high on your back. -
The center of the bra should lie flat on the breastbone. -
Adjust the belt to adjust the elevator.
Tightening the straps helps to support the breast, thus reducing back and shoulder pain.
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To find the perfect shoulder-less bra, look for three to four buckles instead of one of the two.
Rubber or silicone
Lining also helps support to keep everything working.
Boning on the side of the bra adds more support.
Red carpet shoulder-less BraPrice at Wacoal: $68 nordstrom.
ComGH testers love this Sweetheart Cup shoulder-less bra with silicone lining on both the strap and the top of the Cupslip support.
Contour Cup lift and add more support, you can choose between the five shades (
Pecans, beige, black, gardenia or cappuccino)
, Removable straps can convert this bra into a sling, staggered or in oneshoulder bra.
Vanity Fair bra: full of beautiful women-
Shoulder-less BraPrice: $42 kohls.
Don\'t be fooled by the floral lace details in front, this shoulder-less super bra is all about power.
Thanks to the wires below and the powerful-
Stay flexible and you will be excited (literally)all day.
Great for a more complete bust look.
Warner\'s comfortable shoulder-less BraTarget is simply perfect. comPrice: $21.
99-piece breast bra may be tricky--
You either get the support you need at the expense of the skin
Dig the pain, or you get all the comfort of the skin for the second time, but the drooping starts right away.
Alas, this is not an affordable choice!
The padded bottom line provides support and softness, so you can get the lifting you need and the smooth softness you need.
Also, since it is convertible, it can serve as a moonlight for your daily bra.
Real Me collection Price for Aerie: $14. 50 and upae.
ComThree cheers and eight other \"nude\" shades for inclusion!
It took a long time to happen, but now more and more bra collections offer more than just a beige \"nude \".
\"These nudity are designed to reflect a wide range of skin tones --
Properly named \"honesty\", \"inspiration\", \"Power\", \"energy\" and \"confidence \"---
They are also real female models (
Not a professional)
People who have not been psReal women.
The real skin color. Real bodies.
We have all won a real victory!
Price for Evelyn and Bobby: $128 Evelynbobbie.
Of course, the price of a coma is higher, but fans of the brand are wholeheartedly defending it, saying it\'s the best bra they \'ve ever worn.
While there is no way for us to prove this scientifically, we can say that this is the most inclusive one.
It offers six shades, all developed according to real women\'s science, using skin color scanning and special color matching programs. Xhilaration T-
Shirt convertible
BraPrice: $12. 99Target.
When you buy a great bra, finding your real nudity is the key when you\'re wearing everything from a white T-shirt to a clear top.
What\'s more, when can you change one? -
It turned into a racing style. -
Less than two large cups of latte.
According to the study of the textile laboratory of the Good Housekeeping Institute, you do not need to wash your bra every time you wear it.
Wash every few times (
Unless you sweat inside, you\'ll want to wash more often in this case).
To clean, place it in a mesh bra bag that helps protect its shape and machine wash on delicate or hand wash cycles.
Put the bra flat to dry.
The high temperature of the dryer will increase the breakdown of the material and cause it to lose its elasticity.
These are our favorite daily bras that can be washed and worn: Soma\'s memorable wireless BraPrice: $46 Soma.
It will be your choice. to bra. Wire-
With great support, free comfort makes this car a winner.
Also, the appearance does not change when it is cleaned in the lab.
Wireless BraPrice: $12 Hanes for women Oh, so comfortable light. 99Target.
One of the cheapest bras in our test is also the best performing.
Even after we reached out in a variety of ways, in a good home textile lab, it completely restored its shape and washed well without any shrinkage or wear.
Our testers found it light, comfortable, and supportive, even though it had no wires.
Calvin Klein is perfect for modern T-
BraPrice shirt: $23 nordstrom.
The ComAn underwear staple is in your arsenal, and this bra gets high marks for its comfort.
Because it is a great everyday bra, it has been tested with Good Housekeeping to make sure it can withstand daily washing and wearing. Good news? It did!
Almost no contraction. And --bonus --
It has a variety of colors.
If you already have every bra in the sun and are looking for a casual bra to wear in the sun or hang out, please enter the bra. The bra\'s low-
The key sister, a small cage bag is the perfect Open-
Back-lined dressthe-
Shoulder sweater, or just hang out.
Here are some of our favorites.
CosabellaPrice: $55 Shopbop.
This is a soft Lacey style that is sexy and sweet.
There are a variety of colors to choose from on the side of the fan, just want to peek.
Gap seamless car price: $20. 00Gap.
ComSporty and surprising support, this one is a double line with extra coverage.
Lace BralettePrice: $11. 50Asos.
Just like your daily bra, you need a choice of nude and black.
We love this underwear.
Like design and incredible price.
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