[You come and comment] Women's underwear selection and male partner selection have these 4 commonalities

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-31
A decent and suitable women's underwear can not only take care of MM's body, but also bring MM different self-confidence; a good male partner can truly protect MM for a lifetime. Thinking about it carefully, in fact, there are many similarities in choosing women's underwear and choosing a male partner.

1. It is better for women's underwear to be exquisite and suitable for male partners.

A tall, plump, and attractive figure is what every woman thinks of, but in reality, there are many MM who never know which style of women's underwear they wear is better. It’s not false to say that women are fickle. I like the kind of comfortable and gentle cotton underwear, but I choose the same sexy lace underwear of a certain star; the petite and cute type that is obviously suitable for A cover, but prefers C The cup's plump and attractive women's underwear, thick breast paste can be seen at a glance.

What kind of women's underwear is suitable? Ingorsports underwear factory believes that women's underwear should still be exquisite, just like choosing a male partner, it is better to be suitable. In a nutshell, you should choose comfortable and breathable cotton underwear when you are exercising; when you attend a dinner party, you should choose a seamless half-covered underwear that is sexy and worthy of a low-cut evening dress; Small Lace Ladies Lingerie.

Different occasions and different shapes will give you different experiences and bring you different confidence.

2. It's not an exaggeration to say that women's underwear is sometimes like your dream.

Everyone has a dream of him in their hearts. Choosing women's underwear is sometimes the same as in his dreams. For example: intimate cotton lingerie is like a gentle and flat man, what you can give you in the bland is always the most comforting to your heart; sexy black lace lingerie is like the kind of romance, passion, which can instantly ignite all your feelings The passionate man who will always give you passion and fresh excitement.

3. There is a kind of women's underwear like he makes you want to stop!

Some women's underwear does not belong to your style, but many women must choose it as if they are fascinated. It looks beautiful to outsiders, but after you wear it, you will find that you are very ugly, just look like You are empty and without content, and it is your own body that suffers. It's like a man and a woman partner in reality. They are obviously not from the same world, but they want to get together. It's always you who gets hurt, but you still welcome him.

4. Transformed women's underwear is like him expired.

Many MM's wardrobes have a lot of old women's underwear, or discolored or deformed, still lying there silently, thinking that some MM has been with him, reluctant to remove it from life, but it is difficult to return To the past, why bother? Just like those outdated women's underwear in the wardrobe, no matter how glamorous you once wore it and how well it matched you, it was the past after all. The deformed women's underwear should be thrown away. What's the use of keeping it? Just like those who used to be him, don't think that you will still be friends in the future.

Women are like wine, making people intoxicated; women are like flowers, making people infatuated! In reality, as a woman's first girlfriend, women's underwear has too many similarities with male partners. Pick a suitable women's underwear and take good care of your body; find a good partner and let him accompany him for a lifetime.

Of course, in real life, choosing a male partner is much more difficult than choosing a female underwear. You can change the wrong female underwear, but sometimes choosing the wrong male partner will make you regret it for the rest of your life.

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