Yoga: how to maintain

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2020-04-13
Yoga clothes buy after you come back, wear comfortable uncomfortable, long life is not long, the key depends on maintenance. How to maintain the yoga clothing? Five small maintenance tips to teach everyone: 1, the new buy yoga, don't wear immediately, should be put in the washing machine clean, and hung out to dry in the sun to wear. In addition, also note that the first cleaning do not use detergent, lest clothes fades. If you don't want to clothes fade, and fixing agent for cleaning. 2, up to a yoga class, to timely, change your yoga clothes into the washing machine in the cleaning, avoid perspiration residues in the skin. 3, daily cleaning, should choose to cleaning method, if it is a common fabrics, clean with washing machines can, but if the high-grade fabrics, had better use warm water washed by hand. After 4, clean, do not put in dish washing machine or a long time not to dry, odor and will come because it is very easy to rub off. 5, yoga clothes should close-fitting clothing washed apart, on the other hand, if the color is light, best with dark clothes to wash separately. 6, cleaning yoga clothes, pay attention to the immersion time not too long, 1 - 2 minutes, so as not to soak the clothes too soft. 7, for a long time not to wear clothes to clean, with a bag, good storage, if next time out and continue to wear, also want to clean, and dry.
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