Yoga: how to cleaning and maintenance?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2020-04-16
1, the new purchase must be used for the dry after water wash gently floating color to wear, clean water can be, for the first time don't use washing powder detergent, clothes have fixed agent, water can strengthen the dyeing, the fixed color agent is more stable. 2, especially pay attention not to wear not cleaned directly go to general or high temperature yoga yoga clothes, a lot of sweat, decompose the fixative in clothes, clothes rub off, and when practicing yoga, the pores is easy to make the color of the clothes off the invasion of the skin. 3, daily cleaning, best washed by hand in cold water, the water temperature is highest do not exceed 30 ℃, please as soon as possible after sweat dry cleaning or keep ventilation. If you use the washing machine, please put into the laundry bag, turn to the opposite and cleansing, suggested that soft washing. 4, be sure to deep light color separate washing; 1 - covered 2 minutes, do not covered for a long time; Use color or lingerie washing liquid is best, not in hot and humid place, drying and finishing, not to join the white water, fluffy agent, or laundry detergent containing bleaching ingredients and softening agent; Please as soon as possible after the completion of flat to dry cleaning. 5, yoga is a very professional and high-end clothing fabrics, the more high-end yoga clothing fabrics, more won't use excessive fixed agent ( Such as formaldehyde) , so there will be a little rub off when washing ( Especially for the first time washing or bright colors, will be more obvious) After, as long as the dry, clothes color like new, no peeling, that is normal.
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