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Yoga clothing processing industry, machinery and equipment import accelerated again

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2020-01-23
A few days ago, it was learned from Guangzhou Yisheng Garment Co. , Ltd. that this year the company imported a new generation of cutting-edge Seamless Garment Technology--- Four-needle and six-line technical equipment, most of which are more advanced production equipment in the world today, indicates that Guangzhou yoga clothing processing factory is strengthening the import of yoga clothing equipment and promoting the rapid transformation of yoga clothing processing industry to supply a new trend of production quality. From 2013 to now, it has experienced many outstanding factors such as RMB appreciation, lack of professional working population, rising raw material cost and high international trade barriers, many yoga clothing processing plants have begun to introduce textile machinery with advanced technology, high degree of automation, reliable function, energy saving and high efficiency, and gradually began to adjust the commodity structure strategy, enrich the commodity level, advance the level and added value of their own commodities. The four-needle and six-wire technical equipment introduced by Guangzhou Hao Clothing Co. , Ltd. originated from a kind of curved back sewing machine introduced and developed by Japan's aoling company. It is mainly used for the splicing and parallel connection of sewing parts, because the machine sewed the internationally recognized ISO607 thread; The dynamic reason is extremely strong and consists of four face lines, one bottom line and one ha-Shu line. In addition, the four-needle and six-wire also contributed to the unique high elasticity, smooth and high-strength joint effect. At that time, there were many operations in the internal operation, the cylinder seat and the step-type Foot Press, it is easier to cross the seam in the high elastic fabric and the crotch, according to the different fabrics and uses, there are various specifications of the pin position group parts corresponding to the single-cut double-cut type, as well as a small servo computer motor equipped into one, looking for new models with high sewing quality and single operation. The key is that the equipment saves the flat seam and the seam in the internship application, regardless of the power and quality compared with the general needle car, there is a flying forward. Moreover, the quality and processing appearance are incomparable to those of ordinary sewing machines, which has written a new chapter for the knitting garment operation and advanced more labor. After introducing leading textile equipment, Guangzhou's four-needle and six-line garment processing factory has further promoted the professional transformation and promotion of yoga clothing, advanced the yield and quality of commodities, and made it more advantageous and bigger and stronger in seizing the market heights.
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