Yoga clothing market status

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2020-01-22
According to reports, the brand has seven 'commodity exhibition halls' in Asia '-- Four in Hong Kong, two in Singapore and one in Shanghai-- Here employees communicate with customers, hold stage events, and sell a limited range of brand products, including clothing and yoga mats. Lee said that the response of these exhibition halls was very strong, so the brand decided to open its first complete store in Asia, which will open in Hong Kong or Singapore as soon as the end of this year. The company is also committed to launching the Chinese version of the website in mid-2015. After the launch of the Chinese website, Lee hopes to be able to enter Alibaba's Tmall mall. 'International expansion is still a relatively new idea for the company. We are reshaping ourselves into a real global company, 'Lee said when talking about the Canadian company's four-year internationalization strategy. 'We have 300 stores in North America, and the only one outside North America is in London. Lee also said that feasibility studies on Japan and South Korea are underway, but the company is currently focusing on opening stores in China. Although he declined to disclose sales, he said Lululemon's sales in China have the potential to double US sales. He added that the typical customer base of the company in China is at the age of 25-A 40-year-old professional woman. Lee worked for Fossil, Coach, Adidas and other brands and joined Lululemon in February this year. He said Lululemon will open a second merchandise exhibition hall in Shanghai mall, Nanjing West Road, Shanghai this month. The company is preparing to open a product exhibition hall in Beijing sometime next year. 'Sales is not the main goal of the merchandise exhibition hall, it is actually testing water for our products and culture,' said Lee, a triathlon athlete. 'This is not a company eager for success. It wants to open 2,000 stores or something within two years. We want to make sure that what we do is right and beneficial to the company. 'Asian customers responded enthusiastically to Lululemon's actions. Earlier this year, the company invited 100 people to participate in the event at the Yi 'an City shopping center on Orchard Road in Singapore, but 1,000 people came, lee recalled. The merchandise exhibition hall offers a limited choice of merchandise, including T-shirts, vests, shorts and yoga pants. Customers visiting the merchandise exhibition hall are slightly disappointed due to the incomplete variety of merchandise, Lee admits. However, customers can order a full range of products from the brand's US or Hong Kong website. According to Matthew Crabbe of Mintel Group Ltd, a global research company. According to unofficial estimates, about 10 million people in China practice yoga. 'Yoga has recently recovered in China. I think this is because many consumers are looking for a healthier lifestyle. The middle class pursues the so-called 'bourgeois bohemia'-style life, that is, the BOBO concept is prevalent, and more people want to escape fierce competition, 'Crabbe said. Yan, founder of China's 'Youji yoga' club, said that China's yoga industry is developing three times faster than the United States. She is very optimistic about foreign brands like Lululemon, of course, if the marketing of these companies is done well. 'Before, I felt that there was no difference between Chinese yoga clothes and fitness club clothes. But now, yoga suits have become very beautiful in the past two years, 'explained Yan. When she first opened the Studio 10 years ago, people who came to practice often wore sportswear or biography.
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