Yoga clothes have never been out since ancient times

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2020-01-13
The word 'yoga' alone is enough for people to think about it for a whole day. The original image of yoga was mysterious and weird. Many people asked me if I could float in the air after practicing yoga, or if I really had the ability to shrink. A friend told me that in the game he played, the Indian Yogi was a powerful character, and his hands and feet could grow longer; While beating, you can stay in the air for a long time, so you can change the attack action. I believe that some people have heard of this famous experiment. A yogi is buried deep in the ground with only a small amount of air for several days, but still can survive. Indeed, there was such a genre in ancient India, which was dominated by extreme breathing and physical exercise. They meditate for a long time, stop eating, and close their breath, through yoga and swallowing gauze to achieve the purpose of cleaning the body, and adhere to solitude and abstinence. In today's India, if you go to the yoga holy city of Ruishi Kaishi or the neighboring Ganges town, you can still see these skinny monks. They sit quietly by the Ganges every day, while food comes from alms from passers-by and from local temples. But without food, they will not be troubled. The demand for food, as a kind of physical desire, should also be controlled. The images of traditional 'Chada' and 'Toti' yogis naturally have their own imagination, but dressing when practicing yoga is a more practical problem. In an hour and a half on a 2 m² yoga mat, your clothes affect the quality of your exercises more or less, sometimes even psychologically. However, if you look at the costumes of the masters in history and today, you may be really lost. Traditional Indian yogis (India's tradition is that only men practice yoga)The whole body is nearly naked, only the lower body is covered with a piece of cloth. This white cloth, called Totti, is the most common dress for Indian men. 'Totti' is generally about three or four meters long, wrapped around the waist, down to the knees or up to the feet. Generally, the upper body does not wear clothes, sometimes wearing a sweat towel on the shoulder, or using a cloth around the waist, one end on the shoulder, called 'Chada '. My friend went to India to practice and bought a piece of 'Totti' back. He said it was really comfortable to wear, but it was not appropriate to practice yoga. He was always worried about which end of the cloth was loose. When I was studying in India, in addition to the school's spiritual leader Swamiji wearing 'Chada', other male teachers were wearing loose white long trousers. Male and female students from all over the world in the school often wear such clothes, which is very holy and dignified. The teacher of the yoga class is an Indian woman in her thirties. She is always dressed in bright colors, and her eyebrows are a little auspicious (Bindi). It is said that Sari has thousands of wearing methods, which are complicated and hinder the action. The teacher's wearing method may be one of the more convenient ones. I believe many people vaguely remember a set of yoga programs broadcast by CCTV 1 and CCTV 2-Yilan yoga. The 30-minute episode of 'Lan yoga' was broadcast continuously from 1985 to 2000, almost becoming one of the longest TV series in the history of Chinese TV. Lan is also known as the 'mother of Chinese yoga '. It is not clear how many people have entered the yoga world because of her, but what is more impressive is her clothes. Wearing a large wreath around the neck, a small wreath on the head, colorful leg trousers and loose short sleeves, and a large belt at the waist. This with don't know whether own. Because in the above-mentioned Indian tradition, there is no such clothing. After the orchid, the introduction of yoga formed a different style of things, the classical Hada yoga from India, representing the Indian man who is a pure white gown trousers; The other is more dynamic yoga from the Western world, representing Western teachers dressed in tight-fitting clothes. These two types of yoga have their followers; Different people can find their own courses in more schools under them, so they should choose different yoga clothes according to their teachers. Traditional yoga moves slowly, mainly stretching, emphasizing inner peace and quiet, and wide clothing can make the body more relaxed. The intensity of the flow yoga movement is smooth, there are many jumping and inverted postures, and the close-fitting clothes will be more convenient. If the clothes are too loose, there will be a dilemma of falling down, let the abdomen or legs be exposed outside. The most controversial yoga in extreme yoga suits is Bikram yoga, the so-called hot yoga. Since the founder Bikram has registered Bikram Yoga as a patent, it has to be called hot Yoga without its direct authorization. Bikram is a typical 'muscle man' and the typical dress in class is a pair of tight shorts. At a high temperature of 40 °c, you really don't want to wear a lot of clothes; From a scientific point of view, if the long-sleeved trousers are wet and stick to the body, it will reduce the body surface temperature, and the heat in the body cannot be discharged, but it is not good for the body. So, in the hot yoga class, if you have a little breathing time, you can imagine yourself in a famous beach bay, looking at the beautiful guys wearing swimsuits. There is another extreme in recent years-'Naked Yoga '. As the name suggests at a glance. Of course, people come with red stripes and go with red stripes, but whether they can accept this kind of yoga really depends on themselves. Think about it, be a bystander should be more enjoyable. Having said that, the first essence of choice is to make yourself feel physically and mentally happy. You can call the yoga club before class and decide according to the selected course content. Always remember that yoga is not only the body movement and breathing on the square-inch mat, but also the concern and vigilance of thinking and thinking about yourself in life.
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