Yoga beginners how to choose and buy equipment

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2020-04-18
For a female friend, no one know. However in the equipment aspect of yoga, the choose and buy a lot of female friends is often a lack of understanding, such as what kind of good yoga clothing, and the choice of the yoga mat, in addition to these essential wear, the other is teaching, there are quite a few female friends in addition to choose to go to some yoga training institutions, in addition, there are many women in the form of friends buy CDS. Below is from the aspects of yoga that occupy the home, beginners the most care about three things & other; Gems & throughout; In terms of said some skills of choose and buy. First of all, yoga clothing choice; Served as a close-fitting clothing, yoga clothing not only in terms of body skin contact, but also from the aspects of the action of yoga exercise itself, general practice yoga time is long, easy to perspire; , on the other hand, the movements of yoga are big, therefore in choice must choose sweat absorption and elastic fabrics, such as the adoption of cotton or linen fabrics to give priority to, because cotton or hemp permeability, absorb sweat, is very good, and very soft, won't make your body feel nervous. Also can choose to add some in cotton lycra composition material, mainly increase the elasticity of the clothes. Instead of the nylon fabric yoga clothes, although there are elastic, but the sweat absorption performance is poor. In addition, there are some female friends may feel ordinary yoga clothes not good-looking, too drab, small make up recommend can choose a few digital printing yoga clothing, the clothing design is exquisite, and in the process of production will not change the original characteristics of the fabrics, this kind of process do yoga clothes also won't have harm to the skin. Secondly, the choice of the yoga mat; The choose and buy the main from the material of yoga MATS, yoga mat thickness and elasticity into consideration, on the material divided into TPE ( Also called TPR) Several material wood, PVC, EVA, TPE is one of the best environmental protection material, using natural latex, hemp and other natural materials, including PVC, no peculiar smell. With a soft, docile, strong grip ( Placed on any ground is firm) Wait for a characteristic. Compared with the material of PVC yoga mat, weighs 300 grams, very convenient to carry. In terms of elasticity, can through the thumb and forefinger knead a yoga mat, how can try out the pressure resistance. Usually at the beginning of doing yoga practitioners, can choose thicker mat, such as 6 mm thick, size of 173 domestic & times; 61; Have certain basis can choose the thickness of 3. About 5 mm to 5 mm; Suggest buy more than 1300 grams of the mat. Finally, the practice of choose and buy of VCD/DVD; As far as possible choose professional famous master of VCD/DVD tutorial. To insure the good practice method, action, etc.
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