would you go to the gym dressed like this? fitness fanatic argues that she shouldn\'t be shamed for working out in a sports bra - but some accuse her of \'attention seeking\'

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-05
A fitness blog, after sharing an encounter with a woman who is ashamed to exercise in a sports bra, sparked a heated debate about acceptable gym clothes.
Louise Aubury, who lives in Paris, and her Instagram fans shared photos of themselves wearing leggings and sports tops, next to photos of wearing shorts and sports bras, pointing out that both are equally acceptable.
She was inspired after chatting with a woman at the gym and she was in a long time
After a man accused her of showing off her body in a sports bra, she put on a long-sleeved top.
Louise urges followers not to let anyone tell you what you should do.
Sports bra is designed for this purpose, so please don\'t be ashamed to wear it in the gym, especially when the weather is so warm.
\"Commenters are happy with Louise\'s post, which attracts more than 20,000 people who like it, and many say women should wear clothes they feel comfortable with without worrying about being judged,
Dozens of reviewers say this is a double standard because many gyms require male clients not to take off their tops while exercising.
Others say that women can easily wear shorts and vests to keep cool while exercising, and those exercising in sports bras are just seeking attention.
A man said he even stopped going to the gym because the women in tight-fitting exposed clothes distracted him.
It\'s hot, he said, just like sex.
\"Sorry, you wouldn\'t have worn it if it wasn\'t.
Instagr, a female, said she agreed that it would not be appropriate to wear only sports bras, while another woman said that women should be aware that \"minors\" go to the gym and cover up the truth.
Another more balanced voice said that men taking off their shirts at the gym is distracting, just like wearing a sports bra, and everyone should overcome this and treat men and women equally.
Others accused Louise of interfering and questioned the girl\'s choice of clothing until she explained that it was someone she knew, not a stranger.
Louise made the headlines earlier this month when she shared a threadby-
The side photo of her in a bikini highlights how she sees herself, not how she believes others see herself.
The fitness blogger drew arrows to various parts of the body, pointing out that she thought she had a big nose, back fat and fat mass.
In another photo, however, she points out that she is often praised for her bright smile, long legs and strong buttocks.
The student explained: \"Whenever I see my picture, the first thing that comes to my eye is my shortcomings.
I always see what\'s wrong. \"Too close\".
\"My nose looks too big.
\"My legs look too white \".
\"I look terrible \".
She went on to explain that when she saw pictures of someone else, she didn\'t see someone else\'s flaws first, but focused on their assets.
So why not do the same for yourself?
We really need to learn not to be so hard on ourselves.
\"I will work hard, and I hope you will,\" she said . \".
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