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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-12
Finding the right sports bra for you can be a challenge.
Guided tours are provided by Kylie Walker.
Whether it\'s a walk with friends or a four-person walk
An hour marathon, every step of your way can cause irreversible damage to your breasts.
A study by bra company Berlei, in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Physical Education, found that unsupported 12B breasts can move up and down 8 cm while running.
This is a potentially 19 cm pain for 16DD.
\"Our research shows that women think they don\'t need sports bras,\" said Adele Kershaw, senior designer at Berlei Sport . \".
\"But no matter what you do, the breasts move --
Even walking can damage Cooper\'s ligament because it holds the breast.
Whether you are a Cup or an E cup, it will be damaged forever once it is damaged. ”--
Finding the right bra can be a challenge, especially for those with larger cups.
A recent survey by Australian women in 2000 found that D-plus cup-
Older women don\'t exercise because they can\'t find a bra that suits them.
Of the women surveyed, almost 88 felt themselves.
Realize that your breasts are beating during exercise.
Karen edbrook, the boss of the \"big girls\" in Brisbane\'s underwear store, said women often give up their exercise.
\"They wear the wrong bra, the pain, they think the exercise can cause more pain, or the size of the sports bra is not what they make.
But we have women\'s bras under 30 yards.
\"Even women wearing sports bras may not get enough support.
While a widely cited underwear industry data indicates that women in Australia 80 are wearing the wrong bra size, a survey by Melbourne retailer Brava showed that the survey is specifically for D-
Cup and above, found in the larger-breasted women.
\"Most women in Australia don\'t know what it\'s like to wear a bra of the right size,\" Brava co-said . \"
Owner Maxine Windram. --
The good news is that there has been a dramatic increase in the number of sports bras in Australia over the past three years.
Popular add-ons on the market include bras produced by UK brands Freya Active and Elomi, as well as US brands Comfort and run-
Specific bra from shock absorber of British brand.
Georgina Frew, a 31-year-old Sydney public relations manager wearing a 14EE bra, said she found that the gorgeous sports bra had a big impact on her life.
\"I\'m doing a course in rotation and pump, but I don\'t feel supported.
My breasts are all over the place.
Realize this.
With the new bra I feel like I can really push myself.
\"I\'m losing five kilos now and my goal is to keep losing weight and fitness.
I like sports now. I want to start jogging.
It was found that the chest cover had such a big change.
Dr. Deirdre McGhee, a sports physical therapist at the Australian Physiotherapy Association and a health science lecturer at Wollongong University, said Frew\'s story is common.
\"I have seen a bigger one --
Chest women who had to cross the road with their breasts in their arms before would get a good sports bra and start running.
We have to remove the barriers to women\'s health, which is a very easy problem to solve. ”--
ForMcGhee wrote her PhD thesis on fit and minimize exercise in sports bra, how does it look?
She is often asked what is the best bra, but she says there is no answer.
Women need to look at the figure that suits them.
\"The crop tops may be good for A or B cups, but larger breasts need bras with more support.
\"For DD and up women, the sports bra in the underground
The usual solution is to install the top of the crop with strong, broadband, good compression material and round neck, thus covering the whole breast.
\"When buying a bra, run on the spot, or jump up and down.
Find the least breast movement.
You want the breast to move with the suitcase.
\"When you find the perfect bra, remember it won\'t last forever.
Erica Larsen, female product manager for sports apparel maker 2XU, said the washing time for sports bras was about 25 to 50 times.
\"Bras should never celebrate birthdays,\" said Larsen . \". --
Wearing 14DD, Tried tarnia Luck, 35, is an active female athlete competing in triathlon, running and cycling competitions.
She tested the three bras on the way. . . 1.
Moving Comfort Juno bra, month-18, B-
DD cup, $90, 1300 735 099, I
Underwear bra will provide enough support but seams
Free, contoured cups are comfortable and supportive, front-
The fastening and adjustable straps are perfect.
My favorite bra2.
Berlei ultimate performance bra, 10C-18E, $89.
95, 1800 645 045 I wore this dress in a fun run to use the built-in-
MP3 player and heart-
Interest rate monitoring holders.
It works fine but I have to wear 16DD because the back and shoulder straps on the 14 th are too tight.
Even the 16 need to put a few centimeters more on the strap, but it is comfortable and supportive. 3.
Sports bra, 6-18, D-H cup, $74.
95, (07) 3257 1644, an attractive bra that offers good lifting, excellent support and very good shape
It\'s important to wear a tight Lyrca triathlon suit.
The fabric keeps my skin hydrated and breathable and cool.
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