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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-24
When does sports become sexy?
Whether it\'s the result of a global shift to a sports lifestyle, or a shift in designer gym clothing from sweat-streaming sweaty-backed sauna to a premium fashion ramp, athleisure will stay here.
Technology is the driving force behind sportswear: From smell-
Free fabrics, breathable materials can be stretched better to enhance fit, all of which are possible with its popularity.
A long time ago, sportswear had transitioned to normal clothing, but now it has entered the place where we never thought it would dare to enter: the conference room.
Brands like Superdry and Lululemon have successfully rolled out the clothes you can wear on weekdays at work, and then squeezed into a spin class at lunch.
While the debate about whether sports at work are really appropriate has been heated, the office in 2017 is not that stiff --
Hooked like before.
This is perfectly acceptable for your V-
Gray sweater working around the clock.
After all, 2016 is the year that the word athleisure has gained space in the Wei\'s dictionary.
People\'s way of life is changing and it\'s not uncommon for people to take fitness classes together, which may be the reason for the sudden popularity.
Another change is that the rules in the workplace have become more relaxed, leading to more diversity in dress.
If the lifestyle is focused on becoming more active, then it is natural to influence the movement bra from Fitbit band to helping to stay active all day, spreading everywhere.
It\'s not good enough;
Your wardrobe must lift your day.
The driving force behind this trend is gender neutral women;
Perhaps this is one of the few examples of a clothing series specifically designed for them that are structurally efficient while making women look great.
In this sense, you can say that there is a new power.
Wearing clothes in town is not limited to elegant but ancient
For young entrepreneurs, regardless of gender, yoga pants are transformed into luxurious leggings, and details give the illusion of formal wear.
A year or two ago, it was unthinkable to go to the office wearing sneakers, unless you were a celebrity star or work in the sports industry.
The white sneakers changed this and for everyone, whether or not they buy every brand of sportswear, they have their own version in 2016.
All high fashion brands like Chanel, moscino and Hermes have their own sneakers.
Generally speaking, the sneakers have returned to life from being suitable for the wild to being suitable for closed doors.
Although black or dark blue is a popular color at work, it is not uncommon to find white sneakers with silver or gold details in interesting offices.
High performance sports equipment and hi-
Tech fitness suits don\'t focus on the hours you spend on your fitness regimen.
The company encourages their employees to become more active, and as the fitness tracker is Jewish to everyone, it is acceptable to even wear positively in the office.
Millennials have taken on performance gear very strongly and are the biggest market segment for sports brands.
In addition to yoga classes, the key to wearing most sportswear elsewhere is to match with other types of clothing.
Celebrity spokesperson fitness brands are working with pop idols and celebrities who have supported a healthier lifestyle for a while.
Gwynys Paltrow\'s fitness blog Goop, ketone diet, Kendrick Lamar, online sharing of yoga courses in Milley cyrus-
It\'s not hard to get inspiration from the people you follow.
Celebrities have launched their own sports route.
Heidi Krum\'s new balanced route, Adidas Neo of Selena Gomez, to Ivy Park in Beyonce (
Available in Topshop).
Lines can get blurry, but it\'s more important to know where to draw lines when your sports gear and work clothes are mixed together.
While leggings and egg pants are more or less acceptable anywhere, it still takes some thought to keep it functional at work without getting into trouble.
Juicy sportswear may come back, but still barely enough when traveling.
The same is true for neon shorts and bright sports underwear, if visible.
The trick is to choose silent packaging and yoga pants and work hard on days when there is little or no interaction with the customer or the company\'s reputation with the people who keep in touch with you.
Choose smell-
Free active wear is also essential.
No matter if your dress has this feature or not, wear fresh clothes
It\'s a good idea to wash your clothes and keep a separate sportswear for the gym.
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