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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-08-28
Facing the booming sunrise and following the passionate melody, the 2018 Tianhe District Education System Faculty and Staff Fun Games held the opening ceremony at Guangzhou Middle School. The theme of the event was“keep fit, happy you and me”. Organizer Sponsor: Guangzhou Tianhe District Education Trade Union Committee Co-organizer: Guangzhou Middle School Guangzhou Ingor Supplies Co., Ltd. Competition time 2018.5.26 Competition venue Guangzhou Middle School Phoenix Campus (No. 63 Huamei Road) Track and Field Field There are 95 kindergartens in the Games. , teachers and staff of primary and secondary schools, as well as staff of government agencies and units to participate. The games were carefully planned and organized by Ingor throughout the whole process, and were responsible for maintaining the order of the game site. The opening ceremony speeches and some of the participating schools' sportswear were also provided by us. We try our best to make every participant feel our enthusiasm and experience a different sports style. Wushan Primary School Xintang Primary School Kindergarten Affiliated Kindergarten Qinghe Kindergarten Tianhe Vocational Senior Middle School Longdong Primary School Ingor is committed to the development of sports.“Responding to the State's“National fitness, you and I go together”Actively participate in large and small sports events, focusing on providing customized clothing for government agencies, school groups, enterprises and institutions, etc. Highlights of the competition The competition is divided into three groups, kindergarten, primary school, and middle school. The projects are divided into“Participate in the grand event, the super tower of Hanoi, a hundred hits and a hundred darts”Three competitions. The competition adopts the timing and scoring system. The first place is 100 points, the second place is 98 points, the third place is 96 points to the last place, and the points are calculated in descending order of 2 points. The ranking is calculated according to the number of points in each item. The hurdles that the vigorous and vigorous posture crossed are called difficult challenges. The competition is called the Super Tower of Hanoi. The competition of reaction and speed not only requires skills, but also requires team cooperation. Hundreds of hits darts aim with precision, focus, and steady mentality, overcome fear and use the power of fingers to hit with one hit. Laughter and shouts were heard one after another on the field, and the players swayed their passion and sweat to win the final victory! The game of perseverance under the scorching sun went very smoothly. Ingor showed excellent organization of the games and left a deep impression on the participants. Despite the scorching sun, our staff still stick to their posts to ensure the smooth running of the game. Ingor hopes that through this exercise, more people will participate in sports, deeply experience the spirit of sports, and enjoy the happiness brought by sports.
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