\'wonder woman\' actress revealed

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-13
NBC found its Wonder Woman.
The network announced that Friday Night Lights star Adrian Parry will be in David E.
Kelly\'s upcoming \"Wonder Woman\" pilot.
Palicki has played Tyra in \"Friday Night Lights\" after appearing in Fox\'s rapidly canceled \"Lone Star\" series and will be in the upcoming \"Red Dawn\"
Linda Carter is famous for \"The Eagle of Wonder Woman\" and \"Star\"studded short-shorts, bullet-
Deflection bracelets and magic sleeves in the ABC campy 1970 s series.
According to an article on DC comics\'s source blog, the NBC show will be featuring Diana Prince, another self of the superhero, who is a crime fighter, company executive and
Do you think Palicki has the ability to play Wonder Woman?
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There\'s no need to worry about NBC\'s show, and if it\'s a ship, it sinks wile, which is still tied to the dock.
I forgot a movie. most of the news about this movie has been more than a year.
I mean most of the dates are 2011 and now 2012 and there is no message around.
Just like we drive around the same tree.
So either Wonder Woman was created under a tight cloak. I. A.
Will envy
Or more likely, there is no film in production, and Mr. Roboanov of Warner Bros. is blowing smoke in our way.
I must agree with the person who suggested Katie Perry or Ross McOwen.
They also need to save a little more clothing.
Need to be a person without a lot of star power. . .
That\'s why she\'s perfect and they definitely choose Sarah Palin.
She is a true Wonder Woman superhero who meets all the qualifications and personalities.
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To buy amazing cheap designer shoes and bags, click here. I don\'t like the casting of Wonder Woman.
Her acting skills are not mature and her figure may still be healthy, but she doesn\'t look like an Amazon person. she is just a blonde and white girl who has dyed her hair black.
I grew up in WW and yes L. C.
It will always be 1st WW, but come on, Adrienne doesn\'t reveal the nature of Wonder Woman, you have to take Hollywood seriously.
I was very disappointed with the cast of Wonder Woman. Sucks!
My credit is not great, but you definitely need to meet Roger if you live in the Tulsa area.
The people in the car city helped me find a car that I could afford. So Happy!
Yes, Adrian Parry has the look and all the attributes of this super heroin.
She\'s beautiful, but I\'m really disappointed.
There is nothing about her screaming \"power\" and she is actually very screaming.
No, she\'s an amazing woman.
The show seems to be moving in the direction of \"high school girls doing cosplay.
If the young lady is the Wonder Woman, she has a pair of big shoes to fill up with Linda Carter, the bomb of the past.
If it\'s not going to be the same as the 70-year-old Wonder Woman, leave it alone.
I haven\'t seen a new Wonder Woman yet.
I hope she looks like 1st Wonder Women. Hello!
Supa Dushku should play a role in this role.
She\'s beautiful, athletic, a little scared when she\'s pulled out!
This is supposed to be a movie. . .
Series or Movie. . .
Not a series that will crash and burn 6 episodes. . . geez.
She was in the film corps with Dennis Qued. Good actress.
I think Kasey Poteet would be a better choice.
Only Carter is the real Wonder Woman.
Megan Gale should be put in.
A better figure for a perfect woman.
Down to Earth.
More features similar to other actors.
She even came from an island without a man. Being a die-
Female fans (TV mostly).
I look forward to the day when she comes back to watch TV.
I don\'t know who Adrianne Palicki is or who she is or what she has.
I don\'t really like the remake because I fell in love with the original series and became a fan of mine. e.
\"Angel of Charles\", \"Bionic Woman\". . .
Wonder Woman Now (? ).
I want to know who the other options are.
If \"Palicki\" is the person who picks up the trash, she has to bring \"it\" and \"it\'s hard\" because in my opinion, no other Wonder Woman can be like Linda Carter!
I\'m sure she will be great.
But personally, I hope it\'s Jackson.
She is beautiful, but she looks more like corn in Iowa than exotic Amazon.
She\'s more like the Super Girl I thought she was.
I\'m not very impressed with her performance in the Legion.
She had to be tough there)or Smallville (
She had to play a powerful person).
Only time will tell me, but I can\'t feel it.
Bravo NBC and David E. Kelley!
Adrienne is a great actor.
She blew me away completely under the lights on Friday night)
Not just a beautiful face.
Can\'t wait to see the show!
If Wonder Woman doesn\'t look smart, everything is lost.
I don\'t know if this is a bad actor or a bad photo, but I don\'t see it. Sorry.
It\'s impossible. her chest is not as big as Linda\'s.
To be a wonder woman, you need a very big chest.
It\'s a big chest problem. . . . .
Yes, they are big enough. . . so. . . . jsut sayin\'. .
Not satisfied with the choice at Wood is how to get the job.
I will go to Lucy Louris, at least we knew before that she was the Princess of Amazon: p I am a little sad about this girl and older people over 30 will be very critical to the role.
I saw her in real life.
She is not high enough for the role of Wonder Woman.
I don\'t think Bruce Wayne will agree with her either!
As a villian like Circe or Big Barda, she might do better.
5\'11 \"is not high enough for you to stretch?
Another NBC flop.
No wonder they are in fourth place forever.
Who the hell is she?
Never seen her before. . . .
Derek, you fool. she\'s an actor.
Honey, just because she\'s doing well doesn\'t mean that\'s what she is.
Why do they change the Red Dawn? ! ? ! ?
Hollywood sucks. . .
Because they think they can make money, they are remaking \"Red Dawn \".
What else can Hollywood do? Good choice. . . .
We should also make it clear here.
There will be no Wonder Woman movie.
This is a daydream.
I\'m sure she will do a decent job.
Will the producers, writers and others behind this do their work?
WW is a great superhero that can perform or film on it, but comics and movies
The old show we watch is something different.
People have fallen in love with the comic, why turn it into something different.
If they really want to do this, they need to be loyal to the original structure of the character & the comics.
Let\'s make sure everyone knows.
This is NBC\'s choice to play Wonder Woman in the upcoming TV series, rather than playing WW in the supposed upcoming movie.
Wonder Woman is the image of Amazon, not the literal meaning.
She comes from a mysterious island, not from the Amazon jungle.
Obviously, the TV WW will not bear the similarities with the DC comic actress.
Judging from the comments of the first batch of scripts, this is the smelly thing of the first batch of water.
I give it three episodes, the most.
Actually, she\'s from Amazon.
From Greek mythology
This has nothing to do with the jungle of S. America.
Know what your point is before you make it.
Why do they change the Red Dawn?
Is the lack of creativity so bad in Hollywood?
Don\'t write any more movies!
This is the reward you get!
The 70-year-old Wonder Woman TV show is not as \"faceless\" as the article says \".
I don\'t think people now even know what a \"camp\" is \". Sheesh.
I\'m Miss Hathaway\'s daughter.
Does the article say this is a man?
He looks like a cross between Rachael Maddow and the pole, although he does look better than Mr. Maddow.
Let\'s save everyone a lot of time and cancel the show now. . .
See: Cape, hero, perfect couple, activities, Chase.
These are just things on top of the head.
The average number of hits on NBC is good. . .
Or what I call: nothing but nonsense.
Why is the face long?
He looks like a Rachael Maddow in a plush bra.
David Kelly will be at the helm and it will be a small blow, but will remain on the subway for at least a few seasons.
Kelly is a genius producer.
What is DC/WB?
Getting the popularity of the WW movie project B4 genre has collapsed!
Her face and body look good.
The question now is, can she communicate? . . . .
Wait, who am I kidding here?
It\'s good for us guys to wear tight and exposed clothes.
Quote Homer, \"she can always tie me up with her magic noose!
\"I\'m kind of like Emma district.
Linda Carter will always be a magical woman because she is not as American as Superman. They all thank you for the old red white and blue for casting a bag of bones that looks like a woman and not Supermanoh shucks.
I hope to see Bridget Reagan become Wonder Woman.
Very tall, very beautiful, looks like she can make a lot of money.
Will wait and see;
Hope to succeed.
She monopolized the market in miracle! ! !
Adrian Parry is right to be a wonder woman.
No sound or audio, I will look at her! ! !
Thanks to Jesus for the HD and LCD screen for over 42 inch amen! ! !
None of this said they should update the look of wonder woman.
If you can keep up with the comic, they changed her look in 2010.
Not so exposed, worse.
If they let the \"comic\" writer write the script, there might be a chance. But David E.
Not a terrible choice, Kelly!
Katie Perry will be the only one who has the potential to follow Linda Carter\'s footsteps as Wonder Woman-She has this figure and face.
Don\'t wear classic clothes, please.
Linda Carter did it.
Use the new look in the comics for the new Wonder Woman.
I am a Wonder Woman to her and me.
Heroes on the second floor should not have their own performances.
What a terrible choice!
Her shelf is not even big enough.
Linda Carter has a gun!
Hollywood needs to take a break on all plastic surgery, or never let someone with a noticeable change in the character go to see Angelina Jolie play anyone, except that the plastic surgery experiment is a bad actor.
Many other actresses do terrible things and distract them, and they should lose their roles for the sake of artistic authenticity.
I don\'t believe the Wonder Woman bought a bad fake chest for a moment. no, I don\'t believe it at all.
How about Sesame Street?
Can she attend the show? . ? just wondering?
I\'ll keep the final judgement before I see her part, but at this point I\'m not impressed at all, which has nothing to do with the size of her cup.
I just don\'t think she\'s attractive.
I\'m glad they didn\'t choose Olivia Monn.
I \'ve always liked Wonder Women, Amazon people, who are part of the entire Greek pantheon, and I love David E.
Weird shows like Boston law.
But combine the two? EWWWWW!
It smells like another unreadable comic book.
Inspired chaos like Cat Girl, Super Return, small town, Raptor, etc.
I think the remake of \"People from Atlanta\" is in progress, and the remake of \"Tenspeed and bronshoe.
Can someone confirm it?
A big mistake should be Natalia bejorin in our lives.
She has everything-
Look at her picture. Google her.
Maybe a little.
The chick made me drool. . . .
For a woman who doesn\'t know what to do, the guide sees something almost unobservable: Cat Woman.
I think only two women can play the role of Wonder Woman: Lucy Lauris (
Princess Warrior Xena)
Emily Darnell (
Play the bones on the Fox).
Any one of them has the height and exoticism of Amazon.
Adrianne Palicki looks like a classic girl next door.
It\'s no problem, but I just can\'t see it.
NBC, please reconsider your choice.
Lucy Lauris is perfect. . . . 15 years ago.
Liu Huiqing Deschanel?
Too short, too thin, the lantern chin makes her look like Maria Shriver\'s sister.
Now, her sister Zoe has a face, but she is too short and too thin.
Hollywood must have been a supposedly workplace these days, and they had to go back and do another remake.
First of all, you can\'t replace Linda Carter.
She might be able to play the role.
I predict this will fall like a bionic woman, a knight, etc.
Someone should do a poll to see who is the better Wonder Woman.
Linda Carter still won the game. . .
You forget, today\'s TV director is the kids who watch Wonder Woman, Bionic Woman and all the other TV shows that are remade for TV or theater.
Besides, Wonder Woman is one of the best
Female fictional characters are well known, so it is easy to sell to the audience.
In her 60 s, a producer wanted to do half of it with her. hour sit-
Now, Kelly promises an hour of superyucks.
They might as well have chosen Miley Cyrus.
She is lovely, but not beautiful, not charming, and not amazing.
There is no curve.
The face is a bit flat and the distance between the upper lip and the nose is very short, you know that.
Is she at least tall?
No pizzaz, only one actress, safe, wide
According to the taste of the mass culture creators and the attractive works they think will attract the audience.
It\'s like she\'s based on country appeal, sexy hipsters, gentlemen, BlackRock New-
Rockabiliy hokeyness appeal.
It\'s just these days that are considered a sign of \"beauty.
Although it has been removed for more than 30 years, it still needs someone who is in the same shape as Linda Carter, especially on the upper level where the girl is not bad, but not enough.
Carter is the perfect balance of wisdom and beauty.
This is a very difficult behavior to follow.
Adrianne Palicki is the exact opposite of Wonder Woman\'s body! !
Fill out what?
I was angry as a fan of comics.
Be sure to resist!
Again, a woman with false breasts and zero curves, very childish, tried another character made for a naturally healthy hourglass figure.
Adrian Parry is the opposite.
Considering that the role of Wonder Woman is about a healthy Amazon with a glass-like, powdery body for an hour and not a little willow stick Square, this is a very unpleasant hourglass
I hope this show is a huge failure.
I think Kate Moss will do the story of Jayne Mansfield next?
Oh, for all the people who hate you, all the natural curves of Christina hendricks are far better than the skeleton look of Adrianne Palicki.
All she needs is to spend up to a few months with her coach.
Compare Adrian parricki to Hendricks, just as compare Port Whitney to Sophia Roland.
Adrian Parry? Why?
I agree with your 100% comment, and I also support Christina Hendricks getting the job to add a little muscle under her female curve. . . . and Bam !
You have a perfect WW body. I H-A-T-
A woman\'s fake breast. I\'m a man. . . . .
The mole between the chick\'s eyes is as distracting as a dark stain on a white shirt.
During their heyday, Sophia Loren and even Gina lorablida were all Wonder Women? Yummy!
I don\'t know her job, but I searched her on Google.
This shelf is nice but can use a bit of silicon and looks good.
The shoulder is not that big.
Absolutely high.
Give her some implants and she should do well.
I don\'t want to tell the news. . .
Adrianne Palicki is a C-cup at best.
Look at her picture on IMDB.
This picture in a white dress, she must have been pushingup bra. C cup implants. Fakery.
Wonder Woman is born.
I don\'t think the comic creator will say to herself, yes, she has implant surgery in Hollywood. . .
Or the original TV casting person said. . .
Well, we can pre-production. . .
I am willing to sleep, and all of you who complain about this casting have never seen the lights on Friday night;
It\'s the best hour.
The long drama on TV, she is one of the best things.
Okay, you lost.
There is not much to say.
Since Wonder Woman has never been redone, I don\'t think they will replace Linda Carter as the original. . . .
Boy, I was wrong-she looks like a good choice, but the big shoes that fill the birthmark between her eyes can distract her, especially in other photos.
She\'s a blonde, too.
I think they could have done better.
Are you complaining about the color of birthmarks and hair? Really?
Not the picture I took for WW.
I think Catherine Bell is a good choice.
Tall, gorgeous, looking part of WW.
Megan Fox deserves the role. . .
She wanted to be a wonder woman, but WW was never respected --too skinny-too American. . .
WW should be Brazilian, right?
Or at least not Amazon anymore.
Have you read the Wonder Woman comics?
Or a book about Greek mythology?
Amazon is not from the South American jungle.
Yes, it\'s called Amazon, but it\'s not from Amazon, Greece. Brazilian? Really?
How do we know that you covered her picture in print, geeze. . .
It looks like she has something amazing about herself.
Like Maya Rudolf said to Katie Perry\'s characters in Saturday Night Live skits, \"Kaboom, those are some rocket launchers.
\"As a fan of the Super Wonder Woman. . .
I will allow this progress and remind her not to wear the awesome new uniform they put on her. . .
Linda Carter is much more beautiful.
They could have done better than Palicki.
Does 100% really agree?
Of all the heroes of DC and Marvel Universe, did you go with Wonder Woman? Really? ?
She\'s not that interesting.
I gave it 1/2 a season before the plug was unplugged.
Palicki will be great on TV but plays Adriana Lima in the movie.
She\'s a real Amazon woman.
If she is busy with Brady, sacrifice her height and go with Jessica bill.
I think Sarah Palin is a Wonder Woman. did Fox lie to me?
I prefer watching Wonder Woman. I like it.
She\'s a great actor. . .
Yes, I saw the Legion.
Look at FNL if you doubt her talent. Good call NBC. [
Insert boob jokes here]Amirite?
Invisible planes and the ropes of truth
I\'ll give you three weeks.
The woman is stacked in the house like a brick, and I think Lindsay Loen will be a great WW because it is a miracle, according to news reports, she is still a relative.
Not as hot as Linda Carter! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
You\'re right.
Linda Carter is a tall and full-haired woman who likes blonde beauty.
She took the male population from 12-60.
I don\'t think this new actor can do that. No offense.
She has drops-
Megan Fox dead gorgeous look. . . .
But get this \"she can perform too!
\"I said the choice was great!
She is a very good actor and one of the best actors of the National Liberation Force. There are many very good performances in this show.
I think she has the ability to take a very solid attitude towards WW.
She did well and did very well in many different storylines.
Her recent guest appearances on the criminal front are also good.
In fact, what I am most concerned about is whether Kelly has the ability to develop a solid series that will attract both comic fans and mainstream audiences (
No help on NBC).
Without a decent script, it doesn\'t matter who the actress is as long as she can see and have a \"look.
Director Kevin Smith read part of the pilot\'s script on one of his blogs.
It was a pile of rubbish.
I\'m a WW fan for a long time (Display and comics)
I don\'t expect such a hot mess either.
If Kevin Smith reads any indication of what the pilot will look like.
I fully approve of WW modernization.
But let\'s not turn her into some sort of bar-hopping bimbo, or turn her into a show that tries to use the hottest song \"funky\" in the moment. YAWN. Sure! Why not?
The woman should not be on the railway. thin and waif-like (
Let Angelina go out).
There should be a classic look (
This girl looks like Dita Von Teese)
It should look interesting. Good choice.
Megan Fox is considered an early contender, but no matter what project she\'s working on, she\'s a crap.
Adrianne Palicki had breast implants (
Surprise, surprise).
This is easy to see when comparing her past and present bikini photos.
It\'s hard to imagine someone else playing Wonder Woman besides Linda Carter.
The only actress I can see who has done well in this role is Angelina Jolie.
Angelina Jolie is from Paradise Island and looks exotic, but is now too old for the character. . .
The internet can\'t afford to pay her.
She seems to be able to make it work.
Hopefully she will play the role and I will be disappointed if not.
In order to avoid disappointment, I will try to put myself into it with low expectations. Google image. . .
Can she really put on a costume? Le sigh.
I kind of hope it\'s not the light of the day.
On the other hand, I think Julia worth ()
It will be a better choice.
It would be nice if Hollywood and TV could come up with something new instead of continuing to re-invent the same thingV.
Programs that used to be popular in an era.
I wonder when I will see a remake of the land of giants or my mother\'s car? ? ?
It\'s much easier for them to ruin the good shows of the past and then hire writers with original ideas.
Otherwise, why do all networks either remake old TV shows/movies or American TV shows that are popular in other countries. .
Originality is no longer a word used or known by American networks and writers, as it is a very, very difficult performance.
You have to have ribs where you have to really dig and become Wonder Woman.
Are you serious?
Who cares about the script?
The show will be popular as long as she is dressed properly.
But she \'d better have an hour.
The glass figure, hips, curves and bumps that Linda Carter proudly presents.
It doesn\'t matter which actress they choose to play the role.
Anyway, the performance of Wonder Woman will fail. The problem is. . . .
Is she wearing the old WW dress or the newly designed one?
I will give it a try.
Second, why can\'t Hollywood come up with something original?
Don\'t spit out movies that have been done. Really?
I don\'t know that Wonder Woman has silicone implants.
Another comedy myth is broken.
Baby, another idiot trapped in his 80 s.
She can make me sandwiches faster than bullets.
She will definitely pay.
The lights were great on Friday night. Good for her.
First, hire someone who understands Wonder Woman to write the script.
Then let that person (probably a she)
Final approval for WW casting.
I doubt the actress is the best.
Why do we always turn idols into TV jokes?
I would rather not have WW than a poor excuse.
The asshole will make the perfect WW in my opinon.
Just look at the clip on that website and you can see her love for the character.
Not negative Ned, but anyone noticed that all the memorable series they tried to bring back failed (
Bionic Woman, Knight name 2).
I think you forgot Hawaii five. O.
The plot line is too far away from the comic, which will last up to three episodes.
If the plush suit that\'s in charge of making doesn\'t get through their empty heads, we \'d like to see what we read on the page and stop injecting their stupid ideas and ideas into what might be great.
You are an executive because you are not creative.
Push the file over, figure out your assistant, and shut up.
This should be another collaboration between Jennifer Garner and JJ Abrams.
I think we will see what\'s going on. . .
She looks like a good choice.
I really like superheroes so I can\'t wait to see the movie. Ouch!
Oh yes, she can/can do anything!
I\'m going to expect the worst from this incident, and I \'d be pleasantly surprised if Hollywood really did it well.
Nothing bad for the actress, but making RL heroes is not something Hollywood has always been good. . . . whadya mean?
Charlie Xin is a real life hero! She is beautiful. . .
Height 5\'11\', you can fill in the clothing can play a series of emotions. . .
It\'s a mental illness in the eyes of criminals. . .
But what about NBC\'s new show?
It will be difficult to survive. . .
I think Linda Carter can still do the job. Vavavavoom!
It\'s important if she has a teaching assistant.
Ta is for people to pay attention to whoopie Goldberg
Gina Torres deserves the job.
She is more like a wonder woman than this girl.
Lindsay Lohan deserves the role. LOL.
I \'ve been a fan since I was older enough to wear this outfit-since I was in my 70 s, every year I was a fan of holloween.
It looks wrong every time. . .
Because there is nothing like the original.
I just hope they do it right enough that this generation can embrace a Wonder Woman who represents the role she should be;
Someone who can inspire little girls, young women and all men!
Good luck, Kelly. . .
Big shoes to fill (and really. . . .
The actress should be more like a statue and a curve)
First of all, Batman and Robin, Batman was a dark character when the first movie was released.
Sorry, I still prefer Adam West and Bert Ward. Now a re-do on Superman.
I\'m sorry Christopher Reeve played the role and he\'s still Superman to me.
Linda Carter is an amazing Wonder Woman.
Don\'t make a good thing worse.
Stop complaining and welcome to the current decade. . .
Adam West\'s voice over \"family members\" is much better, the Batman we see now is closer to the comic book \"Batman\", the updated Superman movie is great, Christopher Reeves, although a great Superman, it is unlikely to re-play the role in the short term. . .
But if you want, you can sit in a dark room and recall yesterday\'s performance. . .
The rest of us want the comic character to be successfully translated into Internet TV, which has to attract a wider audience than the comic.
If Kelly made a series that was even very close to the comic character, it would be laughed.
What\'s interesting is how Kelly handles Diana\'s connection to God.
If he gets into that
Supernatural direction, which will be a huge misjudgment.
Somehow, the character has to be based on the reality of naturalism like Superman and Batman.
Palicki seems to have the beauty of this part.
No matter what the \"lack\" of her figure is, her dress will be enhanced.
Linda Carter is still the perfect Wonder Woman.
Perfect from head to foot.
Then you missed the point of her becoming Wonder Woman.
Yes, modernize the description of the characters a bit, but if you lose your connection to Amazon, the mission of the Greek gods and Wonder Woman is to go to the world on behalf of her people, and you have lost the heart of WW.
Call her ally Mazon and let her fight in the conference room, cry in the bedroom, while eating a pint of bulky monkeys from the carton.
Sorry, she doesn\'t have legs for this part. Too skinny.
I\'m glad they went to watch the TV series with a less famous actor, so I think she fits well.
For the character, she looks cute and in good shape, a little pale for the real Amazon girl, but the sun is good --tan is solve !
Good luck and have a good time kicking your ass! ?
Woo hoooI don\'t know.
She may be Greek/Mediterranean in my opinion.
@ Jeff, have you seen the human target?
This is a TV show that has changed from comedy. it\'s great.
As for the body of the \"Amazon Man\", Sophia Vigara is my choice but needs to be dubbed with someone else\'s voice.
I gave the pilot a shot.
Not worse than the Cape.
She\'s one of my top priorities.
I think she will be great.
Now, if Washington really listens to the green light, we will go straight.
Go find them.
She will do well as long as she has a big gazong!
Wonder Woman is Amazon first.
That means she\'s thick and has a nice curve and looks like she can handle it herself in any case.
Christina Hendricks is perfect for the character because that\'s what she is.
Wonder Woman\'s chest, hips, buttocks and figure make a mortal woman envy.
Hollywood is so obsessed with these vomit Queens that they have more fake parts than Toyota.
Of course she\'s hot enough.
Did NBC learn anything, the superhero show didn\'t do well on the primetime network, all they did was mess them up.
The superhero performance is not doing well, just like the cloak is not doing well.
Like every type, the superhero type will have its failure and click-through rate.
Many times, failure happens because, like in this case, producers don\'t have much clue about the source material-see: The Movie cat girl.
Other times, they fail because their performance is poorly executed.
Click-through rates require the same elements that exist in all click-through rates, whether or not the show is a genre show-the audience can empathize with, the characters that make a compelling plot line, the unique hooks that continue to appeal to the audience, and more.
When I read the above introduction, my first impression was \"Ah.
Because there\'s no doubt the producer is trying to turn Wonder Woman into something she doesn\'t like because she\'s not interested.
If you start not interested in the core concept of your program, it is likely that your program will not succeed.
I think what really worries about is not the cast, but in Kelly\'s hands, the show could end up being a soap opera about Prince Diana\'s love life, not, you know, the Wonder Woman kicking her ass.
Is her eyebrows big?
She has eyebrows? Red Dawn remake? Nice.
She doesn\'t look strong enough to punch out of a wet paper bag!
How about a Wonder Woman who really looks like a hero instead of a bone female robot filled with Hollowwood?
Yes, thank you. I want to make a mistake!
I mean the hollow head of the town. OK-
Who cut the photo?
Musta is a cheeky little pie.
Is everything going to be over again? made?
Someone can come up with an original idea and don\'t care about the classics.
Does anyone remember who played WW\'s sister in the original drama?
She became a superstar with her own strength. Debra Wringer.
Let\'s see what happens.
The young lady may be more than expected.
She\'s cute, but I think ww is a statue of beauty.
She would be a great baywatch beauty, but not this one.
The mole between her eyes always distracted me.
Megan Fox won\'t get up for a series of paid money.
Olivia Wilder is already in a series, so she doesn\'t object to the series and doesn\'t mind being the star of a show.
Put 10 lbs on Olivia, she\'s the kind of high-cheek bone I think she\'s a figurine. . . . Adrainne who ? ? ? . . .
You haven\'t seen town. . .
Jor used her-
Fake Kara (Supergirl). . . She\'s fine,. . . corporate exec? Boooo.
The little girl is going to play WW? ?
Corporate executives in Los AngelesA. ? ? ? SMH. . .
I don\'t think this will last long.
She is an amazing woman. Good luck!
There is no high hope here.
The person who has read the script said that WW met Ally Mcbiel *(
I think its spelling is like this).
I will, but not too long. GO GARMY!
It looks OK, I will.
What makes me even more sad is that someone is transforming the red dawn! ! !
Why are people still doing a remake?
Far from the Red Dawn
Maybe they will recruit Linda to play her mother.
Linda Carter is still beautiful.
Once I saw that she had no makeup and she was very beautiful.
It would be nice for her to be a guest play or a mother.
This is another old series ruined.
But I think it\'s okay. To the network)
As long as it\'s cheaper than letting writers have original ideas.
I give this series and hand it over to the bin. Seriously? Ruined? Go back and re-
Watch one or two episodes.
It might look great when you\'re a kid, but seriously, that show is crap.
Well, I think it\'s all about the script now.
No, this is not for me.
She just doesn\'t have the same visual impact as Lynda Carter.
Good example)
As a hero of Amazon.
Guys, keep watching. Well find out. . .
Hope soI wants the United States to quickly get rid of the obsession with \"too thin fake chest\" women.
My foot is Wonder Woman.
The Wonder Woman of Christine Hendricks.
My God, I like the cable Hendricks used on me.
My thoughts.
Some people in the United States have never bought a thin implant.
She has real Teets.
@ CJ-no, she has breast implants.
This is easy to see when comparing photos of her past bikini and present.
I think this is a good choice,
She is an actor who looks like she should play well.
However, I am against David E. Kelley. Boo! Hiss!
You see what he did to American \"Life on Mars. Life on Mars?
Can you think of Gretchen Moore? ops. nevermind.
Wow, those eyebrows are crazy!
Please unplug them.
Dee, you have to be a woman because no man cares about her eyebrows unless a woman has a collegebrow. Pluck what?
Her eyebrows are very good.
Unless, of course, you like those stupid pencils. \" eyebrows.
Ah, those look stupid.
I agree with others to make Dee a little easier!
If she is happy with her eyebrows and hair color, it is commendable!
I hope more women will be as happy as they are now.
Bleached hair, fake breasts and eye makeup don\'t make this feel worse.
And so on, let\'s discuss the bigger issues, are they reshaping the Red Dawn? why?
Don\'t worry about classics!
Make bad movies again, not good ones.
Remake the bad movie. . .
They are re-making Red Dawn, and they have to re-make classic films to liberalize the film.
All patriotism must be removed and replaced with tolerance.
Anything that is good for health must be replaced by crude oil.
All references to God must be removed.
History must be rewritten and capitalism must prove evil.
Although Wonder Woman is dressed in Star costume, she has never been a patriotic hero.
Clothing in red, white and blue.
Wonder Woman has never been an American. her ability comes from ancient Greek mythology.
She doesn\'t have that \"statue\" look like that, but, we\'ll see that.
Her shoes are very big.
She plays a badass on the water Pilot, plays a fake Super Girl in the town, and she is baked in a supernatural setting.
I think CW likes her.
She\'s in the Legion. the movie).
Let\'s see what\'s on her. She\'s 5\'11\". . . .
Beautiful statue.
Do you want to make up for the big \"shoes? ? ?
I thought of another positive pair of luv2c WW-
Superman crossing the 1st season. .
This will also create miracles for ratings.
Diana, Princess Amazon, an immortal man, a woman as strong as Superman, is a corporate executive in Los Angeles. A. ?
The problem is not casting. It is David E.
Kelly doesn\'t know who the Wonder Woman is.
I give it a try, but I don\'t want it.
I was there with you.
I\'m worried about this \"remodeling (
Is it really necessary? )
But, like you, I will check before making a judgment. Who knows?
May succeed. Agreed.
I never understood how Hollywood continued to mess up iconic characters with years of printing history.
We know what these characters do and what they don\'t do.
There are even different versions of the DC Universe (
Is currently showing a \"new look\" for WW \").
David should not know until Joss Whedon accepts writing and/or directing the series. Angie-
I think the corporate executive type in Los Angeles is unusual for WW, but I think if we are going to continue this role in modern times, the farmers in World War II will make Prince Diana quite old.
Do you really think there will be so many viewers for a 90-year-old Wonder Woman?
I don\'t think so. Hey Angie. . . .
When can I see you in your Wonder Woman suit?
I think your kettle is too big for the top, though it\'s a doll.
It makes sense for her to be a business woman/CEO.
She has played the role of CEO in comic books before, so it\'s not really an extension.
I mean, this is the same studio that NBC brought us the Cape, and the show looks like it\'s still on air and looks like it\'s going to end in season 1.
I mean, this is NBC and they keep the hero crapfest for 5 seasons! !
So I think this Wonder Woman show can do a good job as long as they step up their actions.
In response to your statement, \"Princess Diana Amazon, immortal, woman as strong as Superman,\" You also don\'t know about Wonder Woman.
She\'s not immortal (
That\'s why she has her Hephaestus-
God made the bracelet in order to transfer the bullet.
She wouldn\'t care if she was immortal
Although she is strong, Superman is much stronger than her.
@ Voltnyr, immortality does not mean that it cannot be destroyed, it just means that if a person is left alone, there will be no fatal life span. . .
But she still has to defend her life. . . .
In terms of strength, her ranking in DC heroes depends on who was writing her at the time.
In John Bourne\'s run in books, he clearly proves that her physical strength is second only to Superman.
Other writers have different opinions.
This is one of the contents of a TV series or movie about the Wonder Woman Dixie.
She doesn\'t have the character line as clear as Superman or Batman, and the pass to her rogue villain Gallery is actually boring.
I don\'t expect the Cape to have its first season.
Ratings are almost the lowest level you can get without having to be on the CW. I agree.
She shouldn\'t be a company executive.
They should stick to the storyline.
After all, will she be holding company meetings in some way around the world and happen to have a crime that needs to be addressed?
They \'d better rewrite the script when they have time.
Be sure to remind me not to see thisI fully agree with Angie.
Especially because people don\'t know the dynamics of Amazon society.
This is actually their first chance to show a lesbian superhero.
She should not be defeated by a beautiful boy or Colonel Trevor.
She should see the weakness of men and realize that she is stronger.
There will be a tenacious \"no hold-you can\'t touch the feeling\" for her character \".
This will make her unique.
But I am sure they will make her a \"man\" lover and she will eventually be persuaded to be a woman at the will of a man.
She is a beautiful woman. she will be very good. . .
But there\'s only one Linda Carter.
I used to see Linda at the grocery store in Potomac, Maryland, and she was so beautiful that I couldn\'t believe it. . .
Big Bad ED @ volntyr you have a lot of connections with Wonder Woman.
She no longer needs gifts from the goddesses.
Yes, according to Washington, D. C. , she is as strong as Superman.
As for the actress\'s choice, I\'ll wait and see, but she\'s not like any surprises depicted in the comics for the past 10 years.
Pallaki was very tall at the age of 5\'11, but she had some big shoes to make up!
Only time will tell us-I just hope both WW clothing and cloak are great-I\'m curious if we\'ll see her \"stealth aircraft \"?
I\'m really excited, just hope I won\'t be disappointed! My My.
She looks beautiful! !
I think this is acceptable. . .
She seems to be able to fill that part. . .
But only time will tell us.
I \'ve never heard of her, but she looks like she can at least \"fill up\" the costume.
Looks like she has everything she needs! ! and then some.
I hope they can update the dress.
What this country needs more is T and. Haaaa! !
Toledo, Ohio. . . ?
You go to Wonder Woman?
Let\'s see how beautiful are you women from our state?
Modernize it and make sure it is politically correct.
It looks like she has at least a few parts to fill in. . .
This is a bad choice.
I am a huge fan of the National Liberation force and I prefer to call her Tara, who is a bad athlete.
They had a full show when she joined the volleyball team, which was a joke.
She is beautiful and I love her role on the show, but she doesn\'t seem to have a natural athletic ability at all.
A modern version of WW, women kick ass in sports as much as they do now, they don\'t make a mobile person move like Mia Hamm or Diana tauresisp? ).
Linda Carter will always be Wonder Woman to me.
This chick has a certificate.
She was a family member, Robot Chicken, Smallsville, and even a water pilot.
She is a geek\'s wet dream in a spirit.
She may have a wow account.
She rolled me. Really. . .
Then answer the question. . .
How tall is she? . .
Vertical and horizontal. . . hmm?
Looks like she filled this part.
Time and her performance will tell us.
Personally, I think
Play Jessi in the ABC Kyle XY series)
It will be a better choice.
Of course, she is more athletic and I believe she has the skills to perform.
To be honest, I want someone to look like a wonder woman.
When did wonder woman become a supermodel?
All I can think of is, my God, someone gave her half of your sandwich and she must be hungry.
The second idea is that they can choose Julie to do it.
She looks more like a wonder woman.
This will not be the second step from her last character\'s violin to the pepper wine mixer. um. oh well.
I\'ll be with her @ birdface-I\'m pretty sure she has a couple of bodyguards to make sure this never happens.
It should be Katie Perry! ! !
She put that part and T (No pun intended)
Angelina Jolie is going to be an extraordinary wizards, and Pat is disappointed by her intimidation.
The actress looks too thin to take this off.
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