Women's seamless underwear factory wholesale_Women's underwear factory customization_Underwear custom factory wholesale

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-22
Women's seamless underwear factory wholesale_Women's underwear factory customization_Underwear custom factory wholesale

There are various styles, patterns and functions of women's underwear on the market. In general, the popular styles of underwear can be basically divided into three categories: briefs, boxers and thongs. Briefs can fit women's curves and increase their charm; boxers are relatively loose and comfortable to wear; thongs tend to show the sexy and charming side of women. Each has its own advantages, depending on which underwear you choose for what purpose you are pursuing. Women's seamless panties manufacturers wholesale custom services.

Functional women's underwear can be divided into maternity underwear, sports underwear, sexy underwear and hip-lifting underwear. The above are the types of women's underwear, so how to choose the women's underwear that suits you? Mainly from the following aspects to start or pay attention to:

The first thing is to choose the size of the women's underwear, even if the underwear is one size, there are sizes. Panties that are too large or too small are not good for your health. Underpants that are too large cannot protect privacy and are not aesthetically pleasing, while wearing underpants that are too small or too tight can compress the private parts and cause damage.

The second thing to pay attention to is whether the fabric selected for women's underwear is comfortable and breathable. Whether wearing underwear for a long time will cause allergies or bacterial infection, which will endanger your health. It is recommended to choose cotton or modal materials for underwear fabrics. The underwear made of these fabrics has the advantages of moisture absorption, quick drying, breathability and comfort.

The third thing to focus on is the style and trim of the selected panties. Nowadays, many underwear designs have lace or lace, which not only increases the beauty of underwear, but also increases the taste and personal taste.

The fourth thing to pay attention to is the choice of the color of underwear. Whether it is from the combination of outer pants or physical health, generally choose light-colored underwear. It is not recommended to choose dark underwear or underwear made of chemical fiber.

Finally, there is the brand and price of the underwear. It is best to choose underwear from a well-known brand of underwear manufacturers, such as the Van Cher series of underwear produced by ingorsports. The fabric and quality of the products are guaranteed, and of course the price will be higher. Improve the wholesale custom service of professional ladies seamless panties manufacturers.

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