Women better off without bras - says a male scientist

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-09
Hey, it\'s Friday. we\'re looking forward to the snow in the middle.
April, so I want to join this interesting story and try this interesting one.
The study was conducted by a French scientist who claimed to have spent 15 years working on breasts (
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, Indicating that the breast did not benefit from the denied gravity.
He further stipulated that wearing a bra would actually cause a sagging chest.
The study sample does not represent all women until you continue to burn your Victoria Secret.
320 research subjects in 18-35 years old.
\"It\'s not good for people 45 years old. year-
Study author Jean-warned: \"old mothers don\'t wear brasDennis Rouen
Regarding the response of women to the study, an English-language publication in France provided some options.
\"It may be true for girls with small breasts, but for girls with larger D cups or DD cups, sorry, gravity will only take over.
Running a marathon can be very uncomfortable if you are DD or FF, \"said Farida Zo on.
\"This may apply to women who are short or sedentary.
To be frank, every time I need a quick jog to the car, I \'d rather have the \"girls\" tied up because they shake like angry water balloons, \"she said.
In fact, Rouillon does not mention how the active lifestyle of the body affects the uncontrolled breasts, which is worth studying.
Think about it, there is very little research on what is an effective sports bra.
I wonder if anyone is willing to dedicate 15 years of life to this arduous task. k.
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