woman with a h-cup cleavage who struggled to find bras to fit is set to make a fortune after launching a plus-size lingerie company for britain\'s biggest breasts

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-02
A woman who can\'t find a bra big enough to support her H cup cleavage has started her own business with the goal of having the largest breast in the UK.
Nicole Kanjere, 23, from Croydon, admits she has struggled all her life to find a bra that not only fits but makes her feel glamorous.
She said: \"I can\'t find the right underwear and bra for the rest of my life.
The bra I found was poorly made and never suited me, and it was out of date in terms of trends-always wearing an ugly white jersey or black.
Scroll down to view the video. In fact, it was so bad that I was bullied because of my big breasts.
I\'m about 15 years old-
When I was 18 years old, I wascup.
When you are a teenager with a big chest and no proper bra, you become a target and naturally I will be embarrassed by my big chest.
\"For girls and boys who are perfectly able to choose any different person, I am an easy target.
Nicole knew when she was a teenager that she was not alone.
\"I will see other girls with big breasts being targeted and walking down the street.
Or I would see women with big breasts obviously not wearing bras because they can\'t buy them or can\'t afford them.
\"I think, even back then, my business idea was born,\" Nicole explained . \".
I realized that I spent a lot of money on a bra that didn\'t fit me.
Instead of strengthening my body, let me in T-
The shirt and top just caught unnecessary attention in my chest.
She added that her bottom was the 12 th and could not find a matching bra and knurling set.
After studying business and human resources at the university, she decided to take some measures on this, especially after studying the problem and finding that the average breast size in the UK is the largest in Europe, from Level C to level DD.
The fledgling entrepreneur learned that women in the UK have the largest breasts on average, even larger than the US market, and that the value of the market is amazing.
One year 2 billion
Nicole was inspired by other women who didn\'t get the right bra.
\"I decided to set up my own company to provide affordable luxury bras and big chest underwear for women,\" she said.
\"I also want to make sure that no matter what size they are wearing, some women can wear 10 shorts and a J bra, but still get the right set.
\"I want to build a business that belongs to me and I am passionate about it and I know that if I can\'t find brateria, thousands of other women are in the same position.
She explained: \"I knew there was a business in the big chest . \"
Nicole applied to the Prince trust and took part in their corporate courses.
After that, she presented her business ideas to a group and was accepted.
She explained that they provided me with two years of business support, a business mentor and the opportunity to attend the workshop.
Nicole spent hundreds of hours researching existing designers, brands on the market and finding bras and underpants within £ 16.
Prices range from 90 to 42.
Then last year, Nicole launched her bra business Mymilla, offering a thong made from all different types of bras, in size 42 j, with lantern pants and 22 or 3xl,
Her company is based on a positive image of the body and she refuses to use spray painting in any shoot.
Now Nicole Stoke.
The back size of the K cup bra is from 28 to 42, but she plans to stock more size ranges to reach the M cup.
She said she was overwhelmed by her reaction to the range.
Women are happy to be able to buy sexy bras, cute bras and bras that really fit themselves, she said.
\"Those women who are at the bottom but are big at the top took a sigh of relief after they found me, while those who are in figure plus size are excited to choose the right bra and shorts.
Business grew by 100 month on month, she said, and she launched a service that went to women\'s homes to make accessories.
\"There are a lot of larger women who are afraid to go out because of bullying and teasing.
For them, she says, ultimately getting a bra that fits and contains the breasts, giving them form and comfort, has changed their lives.
Among Nicole\'s models, there is a burly borgrossi Asbury.
Rosie is a 20-yard fashion design graduate.
\"When I started fashion design school, people didn\'t understand why a larger girl would want to take a fashion course,\" Rossi said.
I want to prove that the huge waste of the market is worth taking seriously and will soon reach millions of dollars.
\"I admit that I am born fat-I eat normally and I understand the benefits and disadvantages of being fat.
I\'m used to staring and commenting, so when Nicolas asked me to model her bra and panties, I said, \"I\'m definitely here for you \".
Like Nicole, I always have a problem buying beautiful bras and underpants.
I\'m short and not your typical model, but I feel like showing other women my oversized figure would inspire them to try sexy bra ad knicker setand and prove no matter what size,
According to Rossi, when she knew what Nicole was aiming for, he was more than willing to give her support and support.
I know from personal experience that if other big women of different shapes and sizes see women in their shapes and sizes wearing clothes, they will have more confidence in buying and wearing them.
Rossi said if by showing my body I could help a woman end up with a bra that suits me and I would do my job.
\"I am proud of my figure and show other women my figure and encourage them to try bras and shorts and try clothes.
Rossi started blogging about big size fashion when she was 16, and this year she has celebrated six years to show women under 32 How to look at the trend.
\"Blogging helped me to accept being a bigger person and to be proud of my figure and look.
Tinar Dandajena, 29, from Coventry, is also a model for Nicole.
What Nicole was trying to do was greatly supported.
I know what other customers are going through, and 10 ins on the 18 th and 5 th are great to be able to get the right brasand knickers to match.
Tinar, who came second in Miss Curvaceous 2015, said she supported Nicole\'s awareness-raising campaign because the company was positive and there was no discrimination.
As for Rossi, she said: \"nicole\'s business and my blog empower big women to be proud and proud of the clothes they wear, if I had to take off my bra and underwear to motivate other women, that\'s what I did.
I live in what I write.
\"Nicole is now sourcing baby underwear and straps for large size women.
She has a huge demand for oversized bikini and swimwear, and once the business is set up, she plans to design her own bra and knit collection.
\"I have the support of women all over the country, especially since I started using real women of different shapes, the size and height it shows to the customers that I respect their size, and get to know for yourself how it feels to have big breasts and to strive for a bra that fits, looks and feels great.
\"The chest of the British is growing, and my business is growing.
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