Winter fitness unexpectedly there are so many benefits!

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2020-05-22
1. Winter sports actually did not imagine so terrible, although the cold snow always makes people's back. In fact, go in for winter sport, not only can exercise, enhanced physique, but also can exercise the strong will of a person is not afraid of cold, improve the cold resistance ability. 2. Exercise during the winter, can accelerate the blood circulation, make the body produce more heat, and improve people's ability to keep out the cold. So keep exercise in winter, the cold resistance ability is 8 ~ 10 times of ordinary people. 3. As the saying goes 'move in winter, less make a disease'. Winter much exercise outdoors, continuing the stimulation of cold air, because human hematopoietic function obviously happens, will enhance the body's ability to fight disease. 4. In the winter, outdoors exercise when they accept the illuminate of sunshine, and the ultraviolet ray in sunshine can not only kill bacteria on human skin and clothes which have the effect of anti-virus, also can promote the body to absorb calcium and phosphorus, for bone growth and development. Especially is long body of teenagers. Tip: a. The girl remember out movement to rub sunscreen! Canada's ultraviolet disinfection can also can kill the I person! b。 According to the survey, people often take part in physical activities than people who do not take part in physical activities more than 4 ~ 8 cm. c。 Can be thinner might also get higher? Such a good thing, even if the cold also can't stop me! ! ! ! ! ! ! Winter exercise can also speed up blood circulation, increase the amount of feed the brain. It can eliminate the fatigue of the brain long-term work, enhance memory, improve the learning efficiency.
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