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by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-09-14
[Winter 2015 Dressing and Matching] Many MMs are worried about the matching of winter clothes. When keeping warm, they also need to consider whether it will be too bloated. It is really a dilemma between temperature and demeanor. Before entering the winter, we recommend several fashionable and generous winter dressing collocations for everyone, hoping to give MM some reference. A down sportswear manufacturer with outstanding bulk and thermal insulation, it is attractive for a warm wearing feeling that covers the whole body; the front placket is double designed with a zipper and a snap button to enhance its wind resistance. Wear a denim shirt inside to show a more dynamic atmosphere, and wear a black jeans on the lower body, which is more generous and concise. The asymmetrical placket design makes the simple style extraordinary, stylish and modern! With an elastic waistband, this model has a more linear feel and easily reflects the perfect female figure. ( wholesale) The military series is always a classic theme in women's clothing. The rigidity of the military style and the soft curves of women will make people's eyes shine. The slanted placket corset military mid-length coat with chiffon beige shirt and red and black plaid wool skirt is frank, atmospheric, and powerful. With a cute and cute yellow beanie hat, it shows the feminine beauty even more. The shawl-style coat is paired with black and white striped trousers, and a dark blue and orange raglan sleeve sweater is paired inside for a modern and fashionable look. The coat adopts the design elements of the cloak, and is reasonably combined with the slim body, which perfectly shows a fashionable and temperament cloak-style coat. The perfect contrast between the loose cape and the slim waist is perfect for a flattering and modern look! Wear a red wool cap when you go out, it will show more youthful vitality. The above is for you“winter clothes”I hope it will be helpful to you all. In fact, the match that suits you is the best and most beautiful match. MMs have to choose clothes that suit them, so that they can highlight your temperament more! Warm reminder, Ingor recommends single-season best-selling items for you, and you are welcome to buy! Finally, happy shopping at Ingor ! Related recommendation: Which one is better for group purchase of sportswear manufacturer
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