wimbledon women forced to play without bras following all-white clampdown

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-08
Pat Cash claims that some female athletes at Wimbledon 2014 are forced to play without underwear because of the \"ridiculous\" suppression of the rules that clothing must be completely white.
The former Wimbledon champion said that some players did not have any sports bras that were considered appropriate and that they had to leave.
Earlier, some players, including Serena Williams, tried to color their clothes by wearing bright underwear.
\"Some girls were told to go back and change bras and tops because they had a slight color on them,\" Cash told BBC Radio 5 live . \".
\"I believe some girls don\'t have the right sports bra and have to go on without it.
This is absolutely ridiculous.
Wimbledon officials have issued new guidelines this year, requiring no more than 1 cm of the color decorations on the garment.
The match referee Andrew Gillett also wrote in his letter to the player: \"underwear that can be seen or can be seen in the game (
Including sweating)
Must also be completely white and contain a color trim of no more than 1 cm.
\"Kash was supposed to play in the Masters, but after his training shoes did not match the new rules, he withdrew from the tournament to protest against the new rules.
He said he was injured the last time he played without particularly adapted shoes.
\"This is an old thought,\" he added . \".
\"One of the players was called to the referee\'s office because he had blue underwear and it showed up when he was sweating, so he was told not to wear dark underwear.
However, Venus Williams defended the change in rules, he said
White is a good novelty, and everyone is \"glowing\" in color \".
\"I think this is a good change,\" she said . \".
\"I think everyone has a white light.
Obviously not a whole year because it is boring every day.
But in the past two weeks, everything was fine.
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