wimbledon \'all-white\' clothing rule is too strict: federer

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-15
LONDON (Reuters)-
Players for years for Wimbledon \"all-
On Thursday, when Federer said he thought the current policy was \"quite extreme\", the relaxed rules of white clothing were boosted.
Federer\'s comments are more powerful than the rest of the players, because he is a member of the All-England Lawn Tennis Club as a former champion (AELTC)
He said he had no objection to wearing white clothes.
But he says he thinks the AELTC is pushing it through the exclusion of clothing below the original white --
This may come from repeated washing.
He was talking about the days when players like John McEnroe and Boris Becker were wearing striped T-shirts.
Shirts and colored headscarves no longer allowed.
\"I mean, it\'s all white and we all agree. We get that.
I just think it is very extreme to what extent it is white.
We\'re talking about white people in their 50 s.
If you look at the photos at the time, it\'s all white, \"Federer said at a press conference after the second race.
Win Sam Kerry.
\"The problem is that when I come to travel, when I watch it on TV, there are still pictures in my mind (Stefan)
Edberg and Becker, and the guys, they have more colors.
There\'s an iconic T.
\"I think, the shirt, the iconic moment,\" Federer said, and he was officially ordered by Wimbledon not to wear orange.
In 2013, when he was the defending champion, he was wearing Nike shoes on the court.
He said that the dress was \"90%\" White when he was on the tour, but there could still be some light blue or black.
\"But to the point where the stripes will be on the edge here.
I think it\'s a pity because you can\'t do anything.
No cream, no this, no that, good.
\"I still agree to relax a little.
But again, what it is.
You know, I\'m glad I\'m proud to be here.
So it doesn\'t matter, anyway, \"he said.
Dark stream of resistance to all-
The white rules of the season include a female athlete wearing a black bra who wears a white bra to cover it up.
Then Bethanie Mattek from the United States.
Sands is ranked 158 in the world, and the head portrait of her WTA profile shows that her hair has been dyed turquoise and lemon green, and her volume has increased after she broke the seventh place --
Wednesday\'s seed Anna Ivanovich
She said everything.
White\'s rule was \"a bit excessive\" and she was disappointed that she could not wear a tennis dress in her colored underwear.
\"It\'s fun because I actually Googled some players like Arthur Ash, played by John McKenzie, who have colors all over the place.
They have color on their sleeves, big stripes, and come out in colorful jackets.
So I think it\'s actually getting more strict . \"Sands said.
If there was a choice, she said she would hardly wear white clothes or a white dress at the wedding. (
The story is re-filed to correct the Association of the club in paragraph 23)
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