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by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-09-13
Clothes shrinking is a very common clothing phenomenon, mainly reflected in clothes with a relatively high cotton content. This is caused by the properties of cotton fabrics. Cotton clothes are usually easier to shrink if the manufacturer has not undergone pre-shrinking treatment. , then the produced sportswear shrinks after washing and basically cannot be worn. (Group purchase of sports suits) In a regular garment factory, the fabrics of all garments to be washed are first washed and then tested, and then the garments are made! That is to say, when the shrinkage rate of the cloth is within the specified range, it can be produced (the cloth has a shrinkage rate), but some clothing manufacturers have not tested it in order to save the cloth (the fabric becomes smaller after shrinking). That's why sometimes we buy clothes with the same composition and some of them shrink and some don't! If the clothes do not shrink the first time they are put into the water, you don't have to worry about shrinking in the future! It won't get smaller after wearing it for a long time! Such clothes are called polyester cotton. As a clothing practitioner, 100% cotton is the best, and any polyester-containing fabric will be uncomfortable to wear, especially clothing that touches the skin. Generally, the reason for containing polyester is to make the fabric less prone to wrinkling. Such clothes are relatively stiff and are more convenient to take care of. Fabrics containing polyester are at risk of pilling. Generally speaking, polyester and cotton sportswear manufacturer will not pill! But it also depends on the style of the sportswear. Pilling is not a problem of raw materials, but a problem of the organization and style of the cloth. For the same ingredients, taking cotton as an example, the mercerized style will not pill, but the fluff style cannot be handled well. If so, it will be a ball! Clothes with 80% cotton and 20% cotton are clothing with relatively high cotton content, which will shrink a little water, but if it is a sportswear that has been pre-shrinked, it will not have much impact for a long time. Product recommendation: sports uniforms
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