Why want to wear a sports bra when movement?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2020-03-31
Step no matter how big chest small chest, fly to emphasize here: movement to wear underwear! Sports bra! Sports bra! Believe that girls have running back and forth across the chest tremor of the ripples. The UK's university of Portsmouth, The study found that women in the movement, the breasts will render a 8 forms of exercise. Even if you are A cup, when in motion, also can produce 4 cm shaking; Exercise will be 14 cm high vibration amplitude. So the little girls, don't take any chances, honestly, please wear sports bra go running. The average person to run a mile, The 1609 m) 135 meters, breast will follow moved. In the case of not wearing a sports bra, girls run a full marathon, chest will displacement of accumulative total of 3500 meters. Chest really tired. Ordinary underwear can achieve 30% of the earthquake effect is good, while sports bra can alleviate the chest vibration of 78%! Although is underwear, the difference is so big, sports bra absolutely is one of the girls before exercise will equip sports bra prevent breast lesions, bosom prolapse. Prevent the chest vibration is just one of the functions of sports bra, more important is ease to damage the girl's breast. Famous sports journal Physician & amp; Sportsmedicine 'of an earlier study: 56% of women feel chest pain during movement. The causes of chest pain when motion, mainly comes from the two kinds of horizontal and vertical direction movement. Regardless of their age, chest movement types, dimensions or wear a sports bra, is a campaign to reduce chest pain Zui efficient way. Don't wear a sports bra for a long time, the chest to jilt to jilt, ligament damage to the chest, success at a young age may hang down the chest. Want to know the chest can no bones and muscles, by holding the ligament, and exercise will cause breast ligaments stretch and extend. Did not give enough support and chest cushion, once the chest ligament with shaking overstretch, chest don't will be pain, will hang down, would strain ligaments. In the long run, will be transformed into irreversible damage, do not really running the anti corrosion
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