why thousands of women are having their breast implants removed

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A few months ago, the 42-year-old Christie\'s walked into a plastic surgeon\'s office in siyatu, where emails were everywhere. cup implants.
After receiving general anesthesia, she left with her Bs about three hours later.
The information technology expert began to feel that, at the urging of her then boyfriend, the chest work she received four years ago has become an obstacle to her career.
\"I \'ve made a lot of changes to my health in the last few years, eating well with the coach, exercising, and swollen breasts are not suitable --
Christie, who declined to give her last name, said: \"I can hardly run because they are too heavy . \".
Her last straw: \"I was in the gym when I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror wearing tight sportswear, and I saw how fake my breasts looked.
All of a sudden, I feel completely myself. conscious.
\"After decades of steady growth, the trend of breast implants seems to be weakening.
According to the American Association of Plastic Surgeons, experts say the \"organizational block\" procedure, such as Christie\'s, grew by nearly 10% from 2010 to 2014, as the enhancement decreased by about 3% (ASPS).
Nearly 24,000 women last year
Most of them are between 30 and 54.
Kiss their fake breasts. bye.
On popular cosmetics
Real Surgery Forum
Com, women are happy to share photos of their depression.
As one commenter announced, \"I\'m proud of doing something healthy for me, rather than worrying about how sexy I\'ll look.
\"Plastic surgeons across the country are removing or narrowing implants for women who have been enhanced.
Few leading celebritiesis-
Additional costs include Sharon Osborne, Melissa Gilbert and Victoria Beckham, who have always been open to taking out the implants, and Heidi montagh, who has narrowed down
Cup implant for Cs.
Related reports: seven celebrities who bid farewell to breast implants have driven this trend: Our culture focuses on fitness.
Many women were surprised by the maintenance requirements of the implants and were no longer willing to bear the resulting health problems, inconveniences and costs.
Changing the ideal of the body has also played a great role.
\"Surgeons see a clear shift in the appearance required by many women, moving from a very round, prominent\" stripper \"to something more in their natural shape,\" said Dr.
President Daniel Mills
American Society of Plastic Surgery was elected (ASAPS).
\"This is the early days of the trend, and not every woman is on board --I had a 50-year-
I wanted to be an old patient of G yesterday. cup! —
But we seem to be getting rid of the \"bigger and better\" attitude.
\"The chest work foam broke between 2000 and 2006, and a record number of women flocked to undergo implant surgery;
Up 55%.
No doubt many were inspired by Baywatch\'s Pamela Anderson and her XXL implants as well as Carmen\'s \"32DD\" Electra, and were named one of the sexiest women in the world by a number of male magazines.
At the same time, the proliferation of pornography on cable TV and surgery like Jenna James enhance the mainstream of the stars, exacerbated by our country\'sfound-in-Nature knock
In 2006, the FDA approved a new silicone implant to add to the already booming market, quickly surpassing liposuction and becoming the country\'s top cosmetic surgery. Fast-
Until 2015, as a large number of implants began to deteriorate, more and more women aged 30, 40 and 50 were tired of maintenance.
\"Implants are not lifelong devices --
\"The longer a woman has them, the more likely she is to need additional surgery, including replacement or removal,\" explains Dr Janette Alexander . \" A plastic surgeon in the FDA department of surgical instruments.
This is not a fact, you will find water flowers on plastic surgery billboards across the country.
Dr. Michele Manahan, assistant professor of plastic surgery and reconstruction surgery at Johns Hopkins University, added, \"I \'ve seen a lot of women go through one or two surgeries and just get tired of having to undergo implant surgery.
\"A large, out-of-proportion fake breast can cause problems with the neck, shoulders and back (
The challenge is natural.
Women in the chest often face it).
Theodore shyly explained: \"The larger the breast augmentation, the more prominent the body, the more they change the center of gravity, the greater the force applied to the spine,\" MD, plastic surgeons and assistant professors at Baylor Medical College in Houston.
This is a problem for many of the cities like Houston, Los Angeles, Miami and Las Vegas that are facing enhanced women, where epic implants still dominate.
After menopause, drooping breasts become more problematic because many women\'s breasts increase their weight (and elsewhere)
Because of changes in hormones
The manufacturer\'s study shows that, regardless of the size of the woman, about 10 to 25% of silicone gel and saline implants will be cracked or deflation in 10 years. (
The saline implant includes a silicone shell filled with sterilized saline;
These days, they are less commonly used than those containing silica gel. )
Shrinking bag
The scar tissue hardens and causes pain and rock
Hard, deformed breasts
Both types of implants occur between 18 and 19% in 10 years.
\"As most surgeons have done today, put the implant under the muscles of the chest, not at the top --
More common in the past few years
\"This greatly reduces the risk of contracting,\" Mills said . \"
This did not help women who had their breasts done years ago, many of whom are now suffering from the consequences.
Related issues: each woman has 6 questions about her breasts some insurance policies pay for modifying or reducing the cost of surgery for women with serious complications that limit their ability to work
But others think breast implants is selective and does not cover the repair --
Or the screening broke. (
Under the law, insurance companies and HMOs responsible for breast cancer mastectomy must also pay for reconstruction. )That out-of-
The cost of Pocket has prompted many women to abandon implant surgery. As Aimee, a 32-year-
Old mom and accounts payable staff in New Orleans (
No one asked her last name)
Speaking of her recent removal, she said, \"I just can\'t see myself spending thousands of dollars each time updating the implant.
I don\'t want to reject my son and any future kids summer vacation because mom has to finish her chest.
\"Size is really important for many of us, and fitness is everything.
However, the doctor pointed out that excessive implants can make jogging uncomfortable, and the upper body is difficult to adjust. Manahan.
Tired of being dragged down by her Falcon
They need to be replaced anyway
Dana McCoy, 31year-
Old fitness coach at Newport Beach, California
Earlier this year, she exchanged D cups for As under a knife.
\"I can\'t do an unmodified push --
\"I didn\'t feel my chest was about to explode,\" she said . \".
Women may also respond to a new cultural norm.
The sociologist Victoria Pitts points out that super health is now considered a microcosm of beauty, as was the case with an outer fish or pear shape --
Dr. Taylor, chair of the feminist, gender and sexuality research program at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut.
\"Cultural preferences for body shape go in and out of fashion,\" she said . \".
\"The Renaissance painters showed women the full, round body and the small breasts of the time.
The pop art and fashion of the 1960 s were thin and flat.
Type of Twiggy on the upper body.
Then porn.
Pitts added: \"At the beginning of 1990 and 2000, the emphasis on the big chest and the small waist was affected,\" it is difficult to achieve without plastic surgery\"Taylor.
Although no one is ready to announce victory on the body
Accept the battle to celebrate a cultural shift in the diversity of the wider body and continue Pitts-
Taylor is also the author of the surgical fanatics: \"The idea of what\" beauty \"means has grown.
Earlier this year, the US Weekly will be relatively flat.
Chested Keri Russell and zoe Kravitz are in their list of \"the hottest bikini figure of 2015.
Obviously, Anderson and Jennings finally removed the implants.
Even more influential than pop culture trends are women themselves redefining what is the power of attraction --Appropriate-as they age.
Almost every woman who talks to health expresses in a variety of languages the openly sexy, oversized implants they once cherished when they were young \"no longer like me \".
Amy said: \"When I was 19 years old from class B to class 30DD, I actually pushed in a liner --
A bra that makes my chest look bigger.
I am wrapped in the beauty of my body;
I don\'t have much else to put myself on. worth in.
Life experience tells me that being yourself is full of confidence in what you do and will naturally be sexy.
\"Health issues with recorded implants: Studies have shown that neither silicone nor saline implants can cause breast cancer.
These two types of women seem to have a very small risk of developing different, extremely rare cancers.
Anaplastic large cell lymphoma
According to the FDA, scar tissue around the implant.
The FDA also said that research so far has not shown a link between silicone gel implants and connectivity tissue diseases such as arthritis and arthritis.
Related: 15 things that happen after breast reduction however, there is a small but very real concern about implants and breast X-rays: Dr said: \"implants make it more difficult for 100% of female breast tissue to be imaged, especially if the implants are placed at the top of the chest muscles. \"
Therese Bevers, medical director of the Cancer Prevention Center at the Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.
Therefore, additional film may be required for women with implants.
If you have an implant
Bevers suggests asking about your ob-
Gyn is recommended to a high
Volume breast center with specialized breast imaging experts (
Not the average radiologist)
Watch movies.
Some women have found that the possibility of damage to breast X-ray examination is a health risk they are unwilling to take. Reports Dr. Stuart A.
Linde, plastic surgeon at Beverly Hills, said: \"My breast cancer genetic mutation patient told me that my mother had a bilateral mastectomy and my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer, I don\'t want anything that\'s forbidden from a mammogram to find even the smallest change.
They choose tissue blocks because they want to do everything they can to detect changes in the breasts as early as possible.
\"What experts are now concerned about is that the trend for women who have implanted surgery to skip a breast X-ray is relatively new, not because they are afraid of the results.
\"It\'s a bit crazy --
Some women with implants do not do a breast X-ray because they are worried about rupture.
Lavinia Chong, plastic surgeons in Orange County, California
Echoing the health of surgeons across the country.
The imaging machine rarely presses the breast hard to damage the implant, experts say, but despite the fact that breast X-rays prove to be good, there is still concern.
A new normal woman, not always looking great right away if the implant is taken out.
The breast may be deflated and wrinkled in a few weeks.
Even with an accompanying breast lift, 50 to 70% of women may need this boost to achieve the best results. (
Some breasts will eventually rebound on their own. )
Michael Edwards, plastic surgeons at Las Vegas, said not all women are good candidates for transplant surgery.
Breast women who have been working on big breasts for years may have tissue thinning so that her nipples may collapse on their own without an implant giving them structure.
\"There are emotional side effects of layoffs.
Although there are few studies on the psychological effects of implant removal, a study published in 1997 found that the pain of women after surgery has increased.
\"I\'m a little sad --
\"Although the implants are foreign objects, they are part of my body for 10 years,\" Dana recalls . \".
\"I remember waking up the next day after surgery, moving my arms and thinking, \'Where\'s my body going? \'? !
This is strange.
It\'s a strange feeling to not know yourself in the mirror.
\"Related: 12 things that may not increase the risk of breast cancer women also reported that they had an awkward conversation about where their breasts went and experienced challenges just to buy clothes.
\"For 12 years, I \'ve been trying to find loose tops that don\'t get the attention of my huge chest,\" Amy said . \".
\"Now I have to find the clothes in that place because I\'m flat again.
\"Nevertheless, all women interviewed by health have noticed themselves
Confidence after removal.
\"Without an implant, I feel healthier and more confident in a bikini,\" Dana said . \".
\"In the past, I think people saw the girl with a big and fake chest.
Now they see me.
\"While many women have implanted implants to please their partner, resection is something they may do for themselves.
An additional incentive: As an example for the next generation.
This in part led to the 41-year-old Jennifer O\'Callaghan, a healthcare worker and mother of two people in Port JeffersonY.
To turn her work around 36 C.
\"When my daughter was 6 years old, she was full of questions about her body and I began to seriously consider throwing away the implants,\" she said . \".
\"I never want her to feel like I do that in order to achieve some kind of ideal, she has to change her body through surgery.
\"Many women end up finding comfort in the case of chest reduction;
Like meeting an old friend.
\"The first time I took a shower was
Suzanne Magdalena Rolph said: \"surgery, my natural breasts feel so soft, wonderful and familiar
Mike falls, 51, is a writer and owner of a family decoration company in Hebron, Kentucky.
Her 38DDs was removed a few months ago.
\"I took a picture of myself naked after that. I laughed so loud.
For the first time in 20 years, I felt like myself.
\"It\'s the right decision for these women to reverse the chest work, but it\'s not for everyone.
Many women appreciate and worship their implants, and many more continue to accept them.
It is very important to understand the maintenance and not to delay the mammogram.
In the end, it\'s all about what makes you satisfied.
As Zen monk Thich Nhat Hanh said, \"Beauty means being yourself.
You don\'t need to be accepted by others.
You need to accept yourself.
\"Figures from the American Association of Plastic Surgeons and patient surveys of the real self show that the real cost of health enhancement is high. com.
Given that insurance usually covers only serious complications, here\'s where you might end up being shelled.
Silicone breast augmentation 22 years old: $6,000 MRIs (
Up to $2,000 per pop)
Screening for rupture at 25, 27, 29 and 31 years of age, as recommended by the FDA: $8,000 revised surgery to replace aged implants at 32: $8, 000MRI screening at 35, 37, 39, 41, 43 and 45: $12,000 tissue block procedure at 47: $4,000 breast lift accompanying tissue mass (optional)
: $8,000 total: $46,000 related: find the criteria for top plastic surgeons based on the 4 steps of science, whether you are considering implantation, graft or anything in, this is exactly what you need to know when you choose a good doctor. 1.
See a doctor-
This is the only way to ensure that surgeons receive extensive training, meet strict continuing education requirements and focus on his field.
\"When one of my revised patients went [her original]
During the consultation, she asked a staff member if the doctor had boarded the plane.
\"Certified,\" said Daniel Mills.
\"The staff agreed, but did not bother to add that the doctor was a member of the board --
Obstetrics and Gynecology certification, not plastic surgery.
When she came to see me, her implant fell off like it was on her navel.
\"But if you have good experience in breast augmentation, please consider the surgeon first if you want to have a resection because she already has your record and is on your body
Otherwise, check the doctor\'s documents on the website of the American Board of Plastic Surgery. 2.
Don\'t try to get a good deal, Mills said, \"I \'ve seen more bad surgeries in women who want to save money recently . \".
\"Do you really want to get the cheapest bid for your body?
\"Yes, the price is important, but the unusually low price may be a sign of a desperate doctor.
Watch out for groups with billboard specials or big discounts on breast implants.
View the average program cost for your area that users report on realself.
Com, click \"treat\", select your program, and then click \"cost \". \"3.
Careful fluent speaker \"if you are at least a little nervous about getting an operation after the plastic surgeon lists complications and considerations in the preoperative examination, either he is not very thorough or you are not listening! \" warned Dr.
Michael Edwards
\"Consultation should not be marketing --
This is an opportunity for education.
\"It\'s helpful to prepare a list of questions and take notes that you can refer. 4.
Background checks. many plastic surgeons have patients.
A recommended list of various programs, so you can ask about the experiences of other women.
Be sure to contact the medical committee in your state to find disciplinary action against the doctor you are considering;
You can also view medical accident claims on the health level. com (
And read the doctor\'s comments).
Some plastic surgeons are more likely to choose larger implants.
\"It usually depends on where you live and what most patients there are asking for,\" Edwards notes . \".
You can review his appearance manual in the surgeon\'s office or browse his online gallery to evaluate his style.
A good consultation should include trying a \"size teacher\" in a sports bra to find the best size that fits your body shape.
Some doctors offer 3-
Patients can imagine new shapes and sizes from all angles.
The article was originally about health. com.
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