Why the women's movement need to wear a sports bra?

by: INGOR     2020-05-25
Today, many women to stay in shape like through sports and exercise, among them some people would have such doubt, movement, why must wear a sports bra? What are the benefits of wearing a sports bra? First of all, if women don't wear sports bra in the movement process, will lead to severe thorax time move, not only will appear the phenomenon of chest pain, but also easy to cause the chest to shrink. So, women in high intensity exercise, wear a sports bra fit for chest for effective protection. In addition, studies have shown that women's breasts it no muscle, breast forceful depends on the support of suspensory ligament. Chest in the process of up curve movement, will continuously the impact of breast tissue. Women each run 1 km, jumping up and down the chest the distance of the move, to reach 84 meters; And a half marathon run down 21 kilometers, chest moving distance can reach 1750 meters, through in professional sports bra, these vibrations can be damage to Zui is low. Sports bra besides can reduce the harm of breast when motion, and what are the benefits? First, the main material for high performance sports bra fabrics, its permeability is better, hygroscopic and sweat, can reduce the stimulation of sweat on the skin. Second, the sports bra straps more wide, pad is thicker, thus can reduce the shoulder under impact. Button and sports bra hooks, has increased the lining and the bra line, in order to reduce the skin friction. Even, some sports bra cup enclosure to eliminate the seam, even running a marathon is unlikely to stimulate the nipple. Since sports bra for women is so important, so how do you choose? Love fitness women need to pay attention to the 'retainer force' this problem, the most professional sports bra, more would indicate is mild, moderate or high retainer. General indoor light movement, jumping movement intensity is not big, can choose according to individual be fond of. Indoor yoga, pilates, such as mild or moderate retainer is enough, jogging general recommendation choose moderate sports bra retainer force; Muay Thai, HIIT ( High intensity intermittent training method) Aerobic intervals such as exercise, you will need to severe retainer sports bra, to prevent excessive exercise intensity when the retainer.
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