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Why should we find direct underwear manufacturers for underwear processing?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-31
Why do you need to find a direct underwear manufacturer for underwear processing and underwear customization? I believe everyone has their own scale in their hearts. But in reality, since there is no real direct contact channel between underwear manufacturers and customers, many customers cannot directly find underwear manufacturers, especially some foreign customers. They want to cooperate with domestic underwear manufacturers to process underwear. In the past, most of them passed Foreign trade company. So what is the difference between directly finding an underwear manufacturer for cooperation and finding an underwear manufacturer through an intermediary?

1. The price is too high, and the damage is caused by merchants, manufacturers and users.

Then the customer needs to process underwear through the third party of the foreign trade company to find a manufacturer to cooperate with, and it is bound to share a certain profit to the third party organization, and this part of the profit will eventually require the user to pay the bill, which will result in the processing cost of a piece of underwear Originally very low, in the hands of users, there will be several price increases, which will eventually double.

In today's homogenization of underwear processing, in order to survive, many underwear factories grab orders, desperately drive down prices, and fight price wars, which may eventually disrupt the entire underwear processing industry. Manufacturers feel the same way.

If customers who need to process underwear can directly find manufacturers for cooperation, a large part of the intermediate costs will be saved, and the final customers will benefit as well as users.

Like our ingorsports underwear factory, in order to maximize profits to customers, the company also adopts the principle of multiple channels, eliminating the middlemen as much as possible, and giving profits to customers. For example: ingorsports underwear factory has a store in the trade city, and it also participates in the underwear exhibition of the Canton Fair every year. Now it has launched e-commerce network marketing, making it easier and faster for customers to directly find underwear manufacturers.

2. Quality is guaranteed, customers are assured, and customers are satisfied.

As long as they have dealt with third parties of foreign trade companies, they will encounter customers, especially those found in Alibaba stores. They have an underwear processing order in their hands. The first thing they care about when looking for cooperation with manufacturers is the price of underwear processing. Many online The customer sent a picture and asked for a quotation, and then the underwear factory asked which one, and only asked for a cheaper price.

As a traditional industry, the underwear processing industry does not have too many secrets. The homogenization competition is becoming more and more serious, and everyone's profits are quite transparent. More and more fight among underwear manufacturers is the manufacturer's various costs. control. If customers are blindly paying attention to cheapness, and the third-party agencies of foreign trade companies are exploiting them again, some underwear manufacturers can only try to reduce costs and shoddy in order to get orders! The quality of underwear is naturally difficult to guarantee.

For example, our ingorsports underwear factory has been in development for 17 years. The factory has a strict scientific management system. At the same time, because for 17 years, we have only focused on the customized processing of seamless underwear. We have a clear understanding of various costs and processing methods. To provide customers with not only reasonable prices, but also better services, we firmly say 'no' to ultra-low prices and inferior underwear products!

3. Smoother communication and more pleasant cooperation!

Customer cooperation If you find an underwear manufacturer through a third-party organization, any communication requirements of the customer need to be communicated to the underwear manufacturer through the third-party organization. Often, the third-party organization will eventually cause unpleasant cooperation between them due to negligence. And also delay time.

Then the customer directly finds the underwear manufacturer to discuss cooperation, and many of these unpleasantness can be avoided. What are the requirements of the customer, there will be professionals to connect and communicate.

Guangzhou ingorsports underwear factory has been looking for a multi-channel way for these years, saving customers as much as possible to find a third-party intermediate link! Hotline: 13777902292 QQ: 2083574942

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