why millennials are going braless

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-08
Buying the first bra has always been considered a ritual for young women.
However, these days are the opening of underwear (Or wire. free versions)
That\'s the millennial generation of women.
Of course, it\'s nothing new to go to braless-
This concept is at least as old as the women\'s liberation movement in its 60 s.
But today\'s young women are not doing it with the same political enthusiasm that their feminist predecessors have.
Today, from push-ups—
Wear a no-structure bra or no bra at all
This is a personal victory, a choice of comfort and fashion. ShopStyle.
So far this year, shoppers have increased by 56% when they search for bralettes alone.
This trend poses a challenge to Victoria\'s secrets.
L Brands Inc. , the parent company of the retailer.
Get about third income from bras.
So far, Brand L shares have fallen nearly 30% this year.
Analysts expect adjusted profits to fall.
SaysS & pglobal market Intelligence said the current fiscal year was 3% compared to the level of the previous fiscal year.
According to the fashion-focused analyst toGabriella Santaniello at-Line partners ,\"(
Victoria\'s Secret
The information is very in-your-
Sexy message for so many years: you need a push
Well, you need to be a little sexy, and the guys are going to highlight their hips.
Now, it\'s good to be natural.
So it\'s a bit late for them.
\"Nature\" and \"not wearing a bra are the choices I feel empowered and fun with, but I think there is less passion behind this (
Instead of burning bras in political protests)
Savanna Brown, a 19-year-old poet from London, said his popular YouTube video \"sav\'s go braless Guide\" has more than half a million views
\"It\'s just a day --to-day choice (
Skip bra or wear only bra).
It does not play a huge role in my ideology.
It was more of a quiet protest.
17-year-old youuber Stella Rae from Seattle has another video (
Also seen by more than 500 viewers)
Topic: \"Why don\'t I wear a bra.
She said she began to \"naturally\" just to comfort herself. . . .
I never thought about what to discuss.
\"Then she does it all the time, and her friends do it all the time.
\"Going to braless is as old as feminism, but it seems to have surfaced recently, a direct response to the third wave of moments like freethenipple, the increased trans-gender
Like Kate Jenner\'s Vanity Fair cover and Lena Dunham\'s girl (
Young girls who often don\'t have bras)
Rachael Wang, fashion director at Allure, said by email.
Waifish supermodels have been out of date for a long time, but \"the changes I see are street style, with bloggers and celebrities wearing petticoats and crop tops with no underwear or no underwear,\" Wang said. wire meant-to-be-
Saw Lacey Brett.
Stars such as Kendall Jenner, Demi lowato, Jennifer Lawrence and Rihanna were photographed wearing bras --
Free clothing, from Jenner\'s thin black shirt on Instagram to lowato\'s none-under-her-
The jacket set on the red carpet, the premiere of Lawrence\'s bralettestyle atmovie and Rihanna\'s braless touring outfit.
Costume designer Cynthia Summers, who works in the unreal of a lifetime and the guide to divorce of a girlfriend in Bravo, will bralette and bra-
She saw less of her performance. .
Girlfriend\'s character phoebe (
Played by Bo Garrett)
He lives in Silver Lake, California. and favors low-cut boho-
\"Clothing has always been out of date,\" Summers said . \".
The fruit of the Loom, No. 2 bra-
According to market research firm NPD Group, buyers are increasingly choosing cable TV
Free and unlined bras compared to the traditional padded and underwear versions.
Melissa Burgess said: \"We are starting to see the impact of this trend in our sports bra --\"
Taylor, senior vice president of brand management and loom fruit sales, said in an email.
According to a study by the 2015 NPD group, sports bras are the fastest growing bra styles among millennials, while ShopStyle is the case.
According to com, brace bralettere showed shoppers 32% of the bralette search, up121 % so far this year.
Victoria\'s Secret declined to comment on the matter.
This year, the lingerie brand launched a new range of padded bras, which marked a change in the company\'s iconic push --up bra.
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