Why does the underwear factory ingor knitting insist that the styles of women's underwear are the same but different?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-30
Ingorsports, an underwear manufacturer specializing in the custom processing of seamless underwear for 17 years, is proud that ingorsports has 7 senior designers with 18 years of experience in women's underwear design, insists on independent research and development, and launches 8-10 new styles every day. Many customers find the styles of our underwear factory and say that the styles of women's underwear developed by ingorsports are similar to some styles on the market, but they are different. Why?

I believe everyone has discovered a phenomenon. Nowadays, there are so many women's underwear on the market, which makes users overwhelmed. However, the business of some underwear factories is declining, and the orders are getting less and less. In the past two years, many underwear factories have been idle. The main reason is that the homogenization competition is too fierce. Everyone is desperately fighting price wars. In the end, some underwear factories cannot support it. There is also a phenomenon that some underwear factories have developed some women's underwear styles that are not suitable for the needs of the current market, so few people are interested.

ingorsports has been a seamless underwear manufacturer for 17 years, with an annual output of 12 million pieces of various women's underwear, which are exported to Japan, South Korea, Western Europe and other places all year round. Why are our women's underwear styles so popular with customers? This is because Mr. Wang of ingorsports pointed out a long time ago that if we want to be invincible in the industry, we must develop women's underwear products that meet the needs of the times and society, and at the same time we must have homogeneous products on the market. That is, the styles of women's underwear developed by ingorsports that we mentioned are the same and different from those in the market.

The so-called 'same' is that our ingorsports underwear factory spends a lot of energy every year to study which styles and styles of women's underwear will be popular this year. The styles of women's underwear meet the needs of the entire women's underwear market.

The so-called 'different' is that when our ingorsports underwear factory develops and designs each women's underwear, it will be different from the popular homogeneous women's underwear styles on the market, whether it is color or some details of women's underwear. Make some changes to truly meet customer needs and adapt to the current market requirements, and at the same time avoid the homogeneous competition among the peers of all underwear factories, thus ensuring that our women's underwear styles have an advantage in the market and sell well.

Because each newly developed women's underwear of ingorsports keeps some of the needs of the market environment, and gives it different from its peers in the process of production, it truly achieves the unity of form and spirit. This is why many people in the market are looking for the women's underwear styles developed by ingorsports to imitate them in the factory, but they can only be similar in shape, but magical, there is always something wrong when they are held in their hands or worn on their bodies.

Indeed, with the increasingly serious homogenization of the underwear processing industry, whoever has the initiative in the market and who will take the lead will become the leader of the women's underwear market. Ingorsports underwear factory insists on researching and developing women's underwear styles 'same but different

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