Why do I need a sports bra?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-28
According to the University of Portsmouth study, exercising without the right sports bra will make many women face the prospect of irreversible breast sagging.
The study found that the breasts move, up and down, in and out, side by side, in and out of 8 3D graphics.
The average breast weight of 36 C is 200-
300g, this uncontrolled movement puts tremendous pressure on the support structure of the breast, which includes only the external skin and Cooper ligaments.
The study found that, at each step on the treadmill, each breast moves 9 cm on average independently of the body.
So, when your legs run a mile, your breasts bounce 135!
The G cup breast bounces 14 cm every big step, 210 every mile, and even the Cup moves 4 cm every step!
There are two direct results of this breast movement: pain and discomfort, although this temporarily affects 56% of women;
And the stretching of the cooperative ligaments that can lead to irreversible sagging is permanent.
How do you find a well?
Fit the sports bra and believe it will reduce the boundaries. Sports bras offered by professional retailers are much more than on the high street, so take a good look and make sure you get everything you want.
For example, if you want wire or side fasteners, all of these changes can now be available in almost all sizes.
Your sports bra should be the right size for you.
There should be no bumps and gaps.
The bra should give you enough so you can run comfortably.
To test this, run on the bra on the spot before removing the label.
It should reduce the bounce a lot-you will have a better bra if there is no bounce, so keep looking!
Your sports bra has a limited life span and should be every 30-
40 wash because the elasticity of the fabric is damaged by use and laundry.
Berlei launched this year a sports bra specially designed for running, which is based on Australia\'s best-selling sports bra.
Bra is characterized by Super
Sound welding to reduce rebound-and comes with a \"no Boing\" guarantee!
Bras will be sold at a special display price later in June.
Like sneakers, there are other sports bras, including shock absorber running bras, triumph limits, Freya soft cups, and Enell sports bras, all providing excellent support.
So pay attention to your assets while running
A good sports bra is as important as a pair of sneakers for every woman out running. n.
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