Why can underwear manufacturers avoid the pain of 'arrears' only when the underwear is processed until the payment is delivered?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-31
There is a saying in marketing, 'Whoever takes the initiative will be passive.' In the underwear processing industry, in the past, especially private underwear manufacturers, because of the fierce competition between the industries, underwear manufacturers often made concessions in order to get orders from a certain customer, such as 'arrears.' ”, many traditional underwear processing factories have customers arrears, and eventually become a “dead account”, which is undoubtedly a loss for underwear manufacturers.

Simply sort out 3 consequences for underwear manufacturers because of the bad habit of 'arrears':

1. Occupying funds, resulting in insufficient liquidity of underwear manufacturers themselves.

In the traditional underwear processing industry, many underwear manufacturers rely on offline salesmen to run orders. However, there are many underwear manufacturers and the competition is fierce, and it is difficult to find a prospective customer. In order to win the customer, the customer has repeatedly made concessions. The customer proposed to pay the balance 3 months after receiving the goods. As a result, after the customer receives the product, let alone 3 months, sometimes the payment will not be returned after 30 months. As a result, the funds of the underwear manufacturers will be occupied, or even lose money.

2. Begging for money is hard, tired, thankless.

As the saying goes, 'You owe money is your grandfather, begging for money is your grandson.' After processing underwear, some customers repeatedly default on their arrears, which can only be called for multiple times, wasting their energy, which often makes the salesmen of underwear manufacturers feel very aggrieved, because The main income of the salesmen of underwear factories is based on performance commissions. Some customers repeatedly default on their arrears. Naturally, the salesmen will not get commissions, and their income will decline. This is why many underwear manufacturers have frequent salesmen.

3. The development of underwear manufacturers is hindered.

When an underwear manufacturer's customers owe too much money, it is inevitable that the development of underwear manufacturers will be hindered. Think about it, if an underwear manufacturer is worrying about urging customers to owe money all day long, how can there be so much thought to care about other things? Often, customers owe money to underwear manufacturers, and underwear manufacturers owe suppliers money for materials. Such a vicious circle will damage the reputation of underwear manufacturers. When these vicious circles continue to develop, it may cause the operation of underwear manufacturers to be dangerous. This is why every time a large-scale factory closes down, it naturally involves a large number of smaller factories behind.

Because of this, all underwear manufacturers naturally do not want customers to default on payment. Even many underwear manufacturers would rather make less money than cooperate with customers who like to owe money so much.

So what should underwear manufacturers do to avoid customers' debts?

In fact, back to the first sentence 'Whoever takes the initiative, whoever is passive!' The best way to get drunk is for customers to take the initiative to find underwear manufacturers to cooperate. Because customers have needs to take the initiative to find them, naturally underwear manufacturers will take the initiative. Of course, underwear manufacturers have the final say in the matter of money.

At the same time, underwear manufacturers should do something and refrain from doing something in order to avoid customers defaulting on payment. Some underwear processing orders can be accepted, and some underwear processing orders would rather not be accepted. If the customer has the habit of defaulting on payment, those with low reputation would rather not accept it, so as to avoid the phenomenon of customers defaulting on payment to underwear manufacturers to the greatest extent possible.

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